Feeling the Summer Heat, Welcome July: Things To-Do

Need a little astrological boost to kick-off the summer right? With a few weeks into the summer, already the heat is scorching and forcing us to think fondly of colder days; having us delusional and nostalgic even of winter storms and frosty nights. And as ridiculous as it sounds when we mention this aloud, it … Continue reading Feeling the Summer Heat, Welcome July: Things To-Do


3 Ways to Follow Your Curiosity

There’s something about the start of Gemini season. The energy stirs a sense of adventure and exploring for us, whether it's getting really into creating a summer reading list, going on exciting days trip or even starting a new hobby. It’s the season of ideas and curiosity; a time when thinking and the desire to … Continue reading 3 Ways to Follow Your Curiosity

What is Scripting?

I've been journaling since birth, is what I often say. I have journals from my first year in high school, when I went abroad for a few weeks, my first pregnancy and so on. It's been a natural part of my writing journey. But recently, I found scripting; and it’s felt—more empowering. It was like … Continue reading What is Scripting?

April in Full Bloom: Things To-Do

The season is blooming, the world is opening up again, and although we still need to be safe and mindful of how we move around, there's a sense that things are looking up. People are hopeful and excited about the future; learning new ways to engage and live in the world after a year full … Continue reading April in Full Bloom: Things To-Do

9 Must-Have Books for Astrologers

If you're looking to get into astrology, be prepared and open to allow your journey to be unique to you; there are several branches and paths and possibilities for you to explore for many years to come. The key is to follow your intuition, remain true to who you are and what you want to … Continue reading 9 Must-Have Books for Astrologers