The 2-Day No Spending Challenge

If you’re anything like me, splurging on Starbucks, a huge breakfast and terrific lunch are the ultimate treats—and of course, deserve them everyday. That means everyday you’re spending over $20 on food alone.

savings challenge

Add in the cab ride, plus whatever you order online during your lunch break, and we’re talking approximately $100. In less than three days.

For me, it’s been time to curb and really examine where my money is going, because it’s definitely not heading to the savings account I’ve inconveniently linked to checking.

Welcome to my “2-Day No Spending Challenge”, where I’ll try to go two entire days without using a debit, the green, or coins. It sounds like a short time, but believe me, it’s enough. Plus, I want to take advantage of the two-days #Taurus moon phase (with its savvy, Earthy, good with money, and sensual energy). Yes, I’ve done my research, and looked to see if other people have accomplished this, and these are the pointers I’ve found:

Organize Your Pantry. (Living Well, Spending Less). Organizing what you have, will not only make your kitchen and home look nice, but also help you see what you currently have stored.

Have Free Fun. (Maria Shriver – Powered By Inspiration) Find ways of enjoying yourself – and time with your family – without spending. Picnics (with what you find in your kitchen), board games, coloring, and dance parties are all good options.

Shop In Your Closet. (Daily Finance) Again, it’s about organizing your stuff, and reusing in new ways what you currently own.

Choose One Thing. (Andrea Dekker) According to this site, if you can’t do a no-spending challenge for everything, then get specific about somethingno spending challenge on clothes, no spending challenge on lunch, no spending challenge on books, etc.

And from me? Just remember take it slow. Figure out what you spend the most on, and plan an avoidance scheme. That means, bring lunch and stash lots of snacks inside zip lock bags. Also, stick some affirmations and quotes in your bags, phone, print them on your hands. Plus, can’t stress this enough—avoid. If you pass a Starbucks or your favorite eating spot on your way to work, plan a detour.

Now, let’s do this. It’s only for 2-days!


What you think?

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