3 Ways to Celebrate the #Leo New Moon With Your Kids

act it out kid theaterLeo is about the heart, Lion, sun and taking the center stage. It’s about pulling out the red carpet and not holding back. Boast and roar with your little ones, if they want to. Even if you don’t have a little Leo in your pack, it’s always good to celebrate like the King of the Jungle. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Act It Out: Create a play with your child, or simply find one you’d both like to act out together. Leo moon is about the main stage, and pushing forth that energy of self-love and whats deep in our hearts. When you’re all done, award your little one for their starring role.

Plan a Fancy Dinner: Think of what a King would eat, and add it to the menu. Of course, by King I mean your little Royals. Bring out your fancy dishes, utensils and tablecloth. Tell the kids to dress their best (and let them pick their outfits). Menu should include dishes with the following ingredients: almond, papaya, and maybe a little lobster (maybe!)—all hearth-friendly treats.

Be a Child: This is the new moon to be a kid again—all of you. Does your child want to be President of the Moon? Perfect! What will they do there? Or maybe you have a scientist in your hand. What would they like to invent or discover? It doesn’t matter how outrageous it seems, just act, perform and sing out everything their little hearts desire.

Bonus for Parents. Don’t forget to take some time out for yourself. Leo moon is also good to celebrate you. Come on, you know you deserve it.


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