Empathy—Are you there?

This week’s writing theme is empathy. How we experience and feel it, and then tell it in writing. The following story is from Anina Young, owner of Brazen Lingerie.

Gave money to a guy on the subway. I’ve done it so many times in my life but this time I wanted to know who he was. So, I asked his name (Jordan) and said “good luck” as I shook his hand.

Then went back to my seat.

I’m pretty sure Jordan’s parents hoped for so much more for his life when they gave birth to him.

I’m sure he doesn’t see himself doing this forever.

So often, people on the subway look at those asking for money as though that is all they are—just another person asking for money. I’m sometimes one of those people, but I try not to be.

People stared at me as I walked up to this young man and starting talking to him. Even more looks as I shook his hand—he was a little shocked, too, as I put out my hand.

There is no witty ending to this story or a life lesson here. Just a tale of what part of my subway ride was like.

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