4 Things I Learned from My Tween Using Instagram

Earlier this year, we allowed our tween to sign-up for Instagram. We figured it’ll be good for her to test the online and social hurdles that were inevitably down the road.

So far, it’s been an interesting ride. We’ve had some pretty good discussions on everything from what’s trending on Instagram, to celebrities and even what she wants to post. A lot smoother than what I expected it to be! And not only is it refreshing to see how much she enjoys it, but also how much I’ve learned from her and what it’s like to really grow up digital.

She celebrated when she got her 100th post on Instagram. In a world that posts and Tweets and updates nonstop, it’s beautiful to see her stop and appreciate how far she’s come in this new journey. She’s prepping big for when she hits 300.

She likes her own pictures, which at first I found weird. But when she explained it with a—”I just like my own stuff!”—it made perfect sense.

She only posts when she has interesting things to share. Her posts includes all the things she’s currently into—our Boston Terrier, the Justice League, comics, and of course—hot actors. She’s not embarrassed or fake about it. This is just her.

Social is so natural to her—like, unbelievably natural. Like, she could be removed, and still knows what’s going viral. She doesn’t sweat it. Doesn’t need to update her status all the time. And is so, so much cooler about it than I’ll ever be, that all I have to do is sit back and celebrate when she hits 500, 1,000 and a million posts.

Ok, sort of. There’s still Facebook, Twitter, Vine and all the others she still hasn’t gotten into.

This is just the beginning of a beautiful, likeable and colorful thread. And I’m just a follower in her list.


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