Life, Post Summer

Whether we crammed everything we had to do this weekend or not, the days following this holiday shouldn’t be about saying goodbye to the warm weather and days off, but about making sure we continue to enjoy the days as they go. From full moons to New Moons, Halloween to Christmas, and birthdays to days of firsts, and so on—there will always be much to enjoy.

Here is my Fall list of things to do, because Summer shouldn’t be the one to have it all:

1. Visit 3 more amusements parks, before it’s “officially” fall. You know, when the weather really dips into the 20s.

2. Visit those same amusement parks when they become lodges for the skiing season.

3. Learn to bake more bread.

4. Visit apple and pumpkin farms.

5. Celebrate my Fall kid’s birthday somewhere fun!

6. Make apple pies as often as possible.

7. Have the best Halloween—with a theme.

8. Host Thanksgiving this year in (hopefully) our new apartment.

9. Finally find the apartment of our dreams. (Our first time owning a place!)

10. See my kids smiles every, single day.

If you create your own Fall list, tag me here to check it out. I’ll be adding more as we cross things off.


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