Writing During the Holidays

The holidays are a few weeks away, and whether you celebrate or not, go traditional or with a modern twist, you can’t deny that this is the holiday that requires the most writing.

1. Christmas List. Think of everything you want – from the new desk to Pulitzer. Don’t hold back! Include also why you want each of those things. 

2. Holiday Cards. Although this tradition is slowly fading away, you can try to write out letters instead and tuck a mistletoe or candy cane to make it more holiday-ish. However, you do it, get into the habit of reading and writing a few cheerful notes for the next few weeks. 

3. End-of-the-Year Review. Write yourself a letter as the end-of-the1year nears, and remind yourself of all the great things you accomplished and the best moments that come to mind. Don’t drown yourself too much into it. 

4. Write to Santa. Because you’re never really too old to believe, right? Of course not! Use crayons, too — to get more into the spirit.

What other ways do you write during the holidays that isn’t your regular type of writing?


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