Welcome to My Lazy Sunday

Today we had the laziest of Sundays. I temporarily deleted all my social apps, walked for several hours with my toddler, read, made PB&J and other finger snacks and ordered out for dinner.

  • You’ll find bullet-points (a-la-footnotes, like this) as you continue reading.

I knew from early that I wouldn’t be doing much today, but because I know my workaholic tendencies, I decided to take it a step further and delete all social apps from my phone. And yes, I’m working now for a few hours, but only since my toddler passed out already feeling extremely exhausted, my teen is on her way back from spending the day with her cousins at the beach, and I feel comfortable enough to put in the time for it.

And feeling comfortable enough is key here. Because otherwise I would be feeling resentful and stressed and guilty. The usual combinations for working mother. But on this Lazy Sunday, I felt compelled to do so much more with my time.

  • we went to the playground
  • strolled around for hours
  • enjoyed a few hours in our backyard-garden

You see, I’ve been working nonstop for several months – not just with the 9 to 5 as a journalist – but freelancing as of recently, making sure my teen has a good summer plan set and preparing my 3-year-old son for his first, full-time school experience (coming in September).

  • writing daily articles
  • doing interview workshops for teens
  • fully potty training for my toddler

I’m also still nursing, working on a book and trying to appear like I’m getting enough sleep in between it all. There are days when I’m not at all pulled together.

Like the other day, when I left the house without wearing deodorant, and the weather is already getting way too warm for me to be making that mistake again. Or how last month I had to renew everything from my license to passport, and couldn’t prove my identity anywhere when I lost my bank card (the bank said they require updated information, if it’s not my regular branch). Talk about frustrating.

So yes, celebrating my lazy Sunday experience, with phones turned off and all is very big for me and something I plan on doing way more often.



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