New Moon Writing Plan in Leo

I often use the phases of the moon (and the seasons) for many things when it comes to planning – searching for a new job, cleaning our apartment, bonding with my mom, etc. It’s a trick I learned to do many moons ago, when I first started learning astrology. I realized that if working with the phases of the moon and seasons worked well for farmers, then why couldn’t we still apply it now with the mundane things in life, right? 

Writing with the moon is one those activities I pick-up from time to time, when I need to put pen to paper and need to be structured with it. The moon offers us deadlines with its phases, ideas and the motivations with its energies. Pretty much everything we need to create beautiful writing projects.


So that’s what I’m going to show you this month.

With everyone going a little overboard (and rightfully so) with the solar eclipse Monday afternoon, I think it’s a good time to start and see how we all do. There’s also a Mercury retrograde phase going until Sep. 5, which contrary to the now popular belief, isn’t such a bad thing.

I enjoy using Mercury retrograde to review and look through things I’ve written in the past and want to revisit. This blog for me these past few days has been feeling more and more like my Mercury retrograde project. Prior to this blog post, the most consecutively I’ve written on here has been – never. I haven’t blogged this often in a very, very long time to be quite honest. Probably when I first started blogging almost a decade ago.

But back to this moon writing plan in Leo.

There are eight phases during the lunar cycle, but we’re only going to use five: balsamic, new, first quarter, last quarter and balsamic. I’ll explain and define each one as we go. Just know that we’re going to be collecting and bringing what we want to write, then letting go and editing and then bringing closure to each project. 

And that’ll be the goal of the series; to use those energies to get us going.

For tomorrow, with the new moon, let’s focus on the following on what is Leo. The sign is supposed to signify everything youthful. It’s about creativity and bringing out the kid in all of us, our creative selves and make the best of our good fortune (good luck).  

The new moon tomorrow is in Leo, and what’s amazing about it isn’t that it’s accompanied with a solar eclipse (although pretty dope) or that Mercury is going retrograde, but that so many people have come together to share in what’s going on. And whether you want to believe or understand or not, it’s opening up many hearts. 


And that’s what I want to focus on in the next couple of days. What’s deep in your heart, that you want to write about. Whether it’s something you love, or something or someone that’s broken your heart – or if you have a heart condition… what side of your family does it come from. Anything that has to do with the heart. Whatever comes up when you think of the heart, that’s where you should go with it this new moon.

For me, I think of how fragile the heart is. But yet, it’s the most important organ in the body. My uncle, who is my mother’s youngest brother out of her 10 siblings, has been in-and-out of the hospital with a heart condition. Doctors have been observing his heart, because they said it’s been beating too slow and not pushing through enough blood. Hearing that, made think about how he’s used his heart in the past. My pretty emotional, yet apathetic uncle, working in the same factory since he first arrived to the U.S. almost 30 years ago. My quiet, yet such a strong presence uncle, who has been married to a beautiful woman for decades, and who together have raised five children. Three boys and three girls. His love for baseball. He watches it daily when its in season. But then that’s as far as I know about how he’s used his heart, wondering why it’s so slow. If it’s giving up already.

Next Up: First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius next Tuesday. So until then, the moon will be waxing, which means it’s great to pull in what you need for your projects and ideas. If you’re going with writing about the heart, or using what’s in your heart to pull in what you need for whatever project you’re working on, then meditate for the next fews days on those things.


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