Dark Phase of the Moon: New Moon Writing Plan Wrap-Up

The next new moon is fast approaching. We’re currently in the dark phase of the moon, when the energies are guiding you to be more introverted than anything else, before you march on to your next mission.

This is the time to think of new ideas and not hold back. To go into the darkness of our writing, the things we never thought possible to write or capable of us doing it, and try to find a way to bring those concepts to life. The new moon will be urging and waiting for those beans to sprout.

For many, what started as a writing of the heart, because the new moon was in Leo, led to other writing adventures… for me, it led to co-founding something from my heart: a Caribbean writer’s group.

It’s a plan that’s been in the works for over a year now, but for some reason, my friend and author, Angela Abreu, and I never got around to really sticking to it. We talked about it, knew there was a need, but it remained there for the taking. I think we sort of thought: “surely, someone else will think of it.”

This time, I’m not sure what prompted it, but we got it on paper, found a spot, posted on Meetup and finally agreed on a date.


And guess what?

“How many people you think will come?” Angela asked me, probably thinking that maybe a handful would come. But I wanted to go big: “15.”

And with little promotion leading up to the event, three beautiful souls showed up – ready to write and talk about their writing… and my heart skipped a beat.


Sometimes meeting other writers ready for something new is just what the new moon writing plan has ordered.

It was what my writing needed without me realizing it was what my writing needed.

And sometimes, the new moon planning takes on that sort of route, regardless of how hard you plan. Usually, that’s how it works for me, I find that following a lead or a hunch, can often take you and lead you to places in your writing (or in this case, writing circles) that you never thought could be possible at this time.

The moon will be new again – in Virgo this time – on Wednesday… Virgo is ruled by Mercury, known for it’s preciseness and logical energy; making it perfect to start on another writing expedition. This time, however, with a more nose to the grindstone feel, because unlike Leo and fire, it’s earth and of more substance. There’s also the change of seasons, more holidays and other ideas to break down.


How did you do on this new moon writing plan in Leo with the eclipse twist? Would you like to try another with more details and writing prompts? Share your comments and thoughts below.


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