3 Writerly Things To Do This Week: Prepping for the New Year

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes. They’re happening all around us – especially with nature. And as writers, it’s always important to take a cue from what’s happening around us to include in our writing. Or at least to include in our rituals and our day-to-day to help with our writing.

Take a Walk. Observing the trees and leaves and the sort of dying that’s occurring around you is important right now. Observe the trees already bare and how they look and feel when compared to those still flossing some green. For those with a cluster of leaves, what colors are most of them and how does that tree still feel. Next, how many leaves are there on the floor. Grab a few to take home and use for an arts and crafts project.

Watch a Good Classic or Documentary. The other day, my husband I were flipping through the channels, trying to find something entertaining to watch that wasn’t a superhero movie or nighttime drama (thanks to our teen), when we came across “Silence of the Lambs.” Sure we’ve seen it many times before, and even owned the VHS for it… but despite this – plus husband’s horrible Anthony Hopkins impression – we became enthralled with the movie all over again. Jodie Foster’s character, the concept of serial killing and were there signs of things we didn’t notice before.

Try a Do Nothing Day. The TED Radio House had a segment not so long ago about “Quiet” and featured this man who didn’t talk for over a decade. Almost two decades, I think. He apparently got tired of arguing and defending his stance against something and just decided to not talk. It was apparently supposed to be a day, but he went on and did it for days and days until it became years and years. I’m planning on doing something similar. But only for a day. Hopefully.

3 Writerly Things is a special series that provides quick tips and help for writers based on the weekend’s astrology transits. These are created during long holiday weekends and other special events. 


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