3 Writerly Things To Do This Weekend: The Winter Break

We’re more than halfway through winter, and if you’re anything like me, you’re counting down the days for spring. Don’t get my wrong. I love the winter time. The holidays are great, then New Year’s and Valentine’s Day and Daylight Saving’s – until finally it’s officially spring.

After the New Year’s flow, things could get a little stagnant, which is why I (for one) count on the blooming seasons to get myself blooming as well. You need good and lots of energy to write, and you need to write to keep that good energy flowing. (Yes, writing is that essential.)

So let’s do just that. As you wake from the winter-slumber-hibernation phase, take a moment to make sure you’re doing at least (1) of these things to make your writing life easier.

Expos and Conferences to Track. The past few years, I’ve been meaning to attend the Book Expo, which comes and goes and it isn’t until I see something tweeted that I’m reminded of all the goodies I’ve missed. But knowing about these conferences and expos – although great to attend – are also great for us to keep tabs on what’s going on. And we can do a lot of that, fortunately, from the comfort of our home. Check out the agendas, sign-up for newsletters and follow the speakers. So here’s a good list to get you started, courtesy of the African-American Literature Discussion Forum.

Commit to Read (3) Winter-Ish Books. If you want to read more, then great – but for now, let’s just stick to three book before March 21. Another anecdote to that quota is that it must be within the theme. So for me, for example, I have A New Earth on deck (because it’s the Urban Classy book of the season), Snowy Day (yes, the children’s book) and Snow Falling on Cedars (because it has “snow” in the title).  

Sharpen Your Writing Tools. I’ve been using the new features in Google calendar (adding goals and tasks) to keep my writing in check. Add in the new journal and pens I got earlier this year and I’m set to continue working hard. Part of my new year’s resolutions was to write 1-2 pages each day in the journal, which by the way is a black-and-white composition book, a-la-old-school style. It’s super quick, not so fancy and reminds me of the days when I used to write growing up (without the help of so much technology). As for the pens, they only add to the fun, especially when it’s the different colored ones.


3 Writerly Things is a special series that provides quick tips and help for writers based on the weekend’s astrology transits. These are created during long holiday weekends and other special events. 



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