Putting Away the Old Dreams

I’ve been in super spring cleaning mode. For a few months now. Yes, I know. No one’s been as desperate for the new season to arrive than me. I want to enjoy the now moment. I want to savor the last few weeks of winter. I want to do all of that.

But that want isn’t bigger than my want to not wear thousands of layers on top of another dozens of layers and then still feeling crippled with the New York City cold.

With daylight savings time already in effect, I could also already sense the warmness nearing. I’ve been throwing out old clothes, picking out our spring and summer gear, and probably most importantly – packing up my old vision boards.

I’ve had a few lingering around that I sort of look over, but for the most part don’t feel like they’re a part of me anymore. One of my (once upon) favorite was from last year’s new years and then another was from late last year. I also updated my main wooded-frame one in January of this year. But even that’s starting to feel worn out.

“Born to Outperform”
“Rising Up From Rock Bottom”
“Good Vibes”
“The soulful spirit”

I feel like I’m already outperforming… to the point of getting burnt out. Good vibes and soulful spirit have always been my main objectives and mantra. I feel like I’m pretty much all those things.

The “$5 Million” and $8M TV Star” labels, however, I’m still working on. I’ll find a way to plug those on to whatever new thing I create.

Which brings me to whatever that “whatever new thing I create” is, that fortunately (and not coincidentally) I’m getting the feeling for now with the spring equinox arriving in a week and Mercury retrograde blessing us in another two weeks.

I’m thinking these vision boards are begging to be put away. I often save my old vision boards, put them away in zip-lock bags for my kids to hopefully pull out one day and think about how visionary their mother was (a woman can dream).


But what new goals do I want? Why do I want to clean up these old vision boards so badly, and am I really done with what’s been put out there?

Are my old dreams really ready for packing?

I don’t quite know. I can only go with feeling right about now. It could be the need for a new boost, the need for more motivation or just the need to sit down on the floor, cut out some pretty pictures and dream all over again. I can’t really say.

All I know is that need is bigger than the want… and my scissors and colorful sticker tapes are calling again.



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