Spring Craft and Dreaming, How We Welcomed the Season

Although spring didn’t quite arrive how we expected in #NYC, that didn’t stop us from celebrating the beautiful new season with a warm craft project. 

When it comes to springtime, my goal is to make sure my kids embrace the change in season and create new goals that correlate with the warm weather. This year, it isn’t all that much different, although the New York City blizzard that passed through recently tried to make us think otherwise.

This season, I did an oldie (but goodie), with a craft project that combines my kids’ love for writing down goals with some flower creativity and showing off our work.

What You’ll Need:

  • Construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • Dreams
  1. Ask your child to think of five different things they want for the spring season. It could be anything from going on a family trip to the zoo, to having a picnic in the park or read three more Pete the Cat books (my preschooler’s latest obsession).
  2. Next, cut out a stem or long stick-like wide and long enough to fit your child’s name.
  3. Then, cut out several different colored teardrop-shaped papers. Give each of your child five pieces to hold.
  4. Then, cut out a circle shape for each of your child’s flowers.

Let your child imagine as much and as big as possible, because you can never do too much of that… besides, the blooming energies calls for it.


What you think?

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