To The #FullMoon and Back Writing Prompts

There’s a somewhat potent quality to Sunday’s Virgo/Pisces full moon. It’s in the early degrees of both signs, so the sun and moon are just submerging themselves into the qualities of those signs.

Full Moon Time: Aug. 26, 2018 at 7:56 a.m. EDT

That said, it should be a few good days to experiment with what that means for not just your writing, but also researching work we’re doing and preparing our projects (and selves) for the changes that are about to come.

This is the last full moon of summer… and full moons tend to be about putting away, releasing and letting go, actions we should be taking with whatever we haven’t finished reading or writing or doing these past few warm months. What do you think you have room for before fall officially kicks in?

See below for our sun sign writing + doing prompts:

Aries. Because the full is in Pisces, try to write out a narrative for a dream you once had, whether recently or long time ago, or dreams you remember clearly and can write a storyline for within the next few days. The walking naked in public dream, or the peeing in bed dream… what’s a dream that sticks out for you now?

Taurus. You might have been feeling like taking action on something, anything and maybe everything, as the full moon approached Sunday. Try stepping out your writing and creative routine for the next few days. Write in different places. Read different publications. If you’re on Twitter, create a list of followers that are vastly different from you.

Gemini. Create a writing ritual at home, if you don’t have one. Designate a writing space… if you already do, be sure to clean it up and add tools and knick-knacks you can actually use, such as books you reference to often, a dictionary, pencils and crayons, etc. Then, add something – like a candle or small hourglass – that’ll remind you that once you’re in that space, it’s time to write.

Cancer. The season that launches your season is coming to an end, which for you might be a little bit harder to let go. But before it does, why not get away from it all, literally. Line up your stories and journal entries with a few weekend getaways or short, day trips. If you can’t book an escape, then read a few things related to escaping – The Sun Also Rises, Eat Pray Love, The Geography of Bliss… even regular travel guides will do. Write about what the perfect getaway feels like.

Leo. Go visit a museum, shopping mall or art exhibit and people watch. And not just people watch, but observe couples and how they relate, body language and clothes and how they speak to each other. That’s it. Oh – and write about anything interesting that sticks out.

Virgo. Your ruling planet, Mercury, is feeling itself in Leo, after a three-week long retrograde period. Writing projects, and life in general, should be feeling a bit more stable. Think about how your writing is really serving you. What parts now feel stagnant? Try clearing up the books lining up your bookshelf. What books and tools speak to you vs. what do you feel can now be donated/gifted to benefit others?

Libra. Think of the first job you held, or what launched your career path. What relationships did you form there? What archetypes of characters did you find – and how do you fit into that sort of working environment? Write about an experience you had there, that somehow shifted how you work/function now.

Scorpio. Think and write about your spiritual or religious upbringing? Are there any beliefs or practices you hold on to now – from when you were younger? Your sun sign is a natural digger, so go deep into that emotional attachment to those beliefs.

Sagittarius. This full moon lands in your 4th house of home, the hearth that is you… think about karma. Do you believe in karma? What are some karmic links you think you’ve been carrying? Write about what kind of karma is it, and how has it impacted you and your family.

Capricorn. How have you been limiting your writing these days? For the next two to three weeks, free write daily two to three pages, no less than that. Just break through. Tell yourself, “I must break through. I must break through.” Until you do.

Aquarius. Try to create a character like the one described in The Atlantic‘s “The Perfect Man Who Wasn’t.” This is your task for the next few weeks.

Pisces. Write a letter to you from your younger self. Describe what are the dreams and visions you had for yourself – and what you wish for your writing to become.


Photo Credit: Altınay Dinç on Unsplash


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