3 Writerly Things To Do This Weekend: Labor Day Edition

For many, Labor Day is just another holiday created to cap off the warm weather and long, lazy days… but really, at the root of this long weekend, is something totally opposite that. Labor Day is about hard work, grindin’ and trailblazing our way to the top of whatever it is we’ve got on bucket lists or career ladders.

This weekend keeps up with that labor theme with the Taurus, waning moon launching the weekend. Taurus with its earthy, fixed and stubborn qualities, plus oh-so-laid back and almost too practical approach to life is perfect for what this holiday’s built to celebrate.

This isn’t the best time to launch anything new or important. As a matter of fact, this weekend could be your best bet at doing a digital detox of some sort, if only for a day or two. Long weekend, Taurus moon, waning moon (meaning decreasing and getting rid of), plus this edition of writerly things to do? You’re all set.

Create a Portfolio. Back in the days, artists and authors created what a real, breathing and living portfolios of their work. It included newspaper cutouts, magazine clips and photographs of their best work.. and this is what most would take with them for big job interviews or freelance work. Those days, of course, are long-gone since digital, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t create something firm and concrete for you to peruse from time to time. It’ll give you a sense of gratitude and breather, if ever you’re not producing much or as good as you’d like.

Start a Recipe Box. You can never have enough versions of chicken teriyaki recipes or chicken lasagna. We rely so much on digital when doing everything from reading, writing and cooking, with several different versions of a recipe right at the swipe and click of our fingers. We forget, really, how even easier and comforting it is to just pull out an index card of a recipe we’ve tried and tested. Something written in our own handwriting – with a stain or two from the previous times we created it – can be so magical and often what our guts really crave.

Mingle, Enjoy the Last Days of Summer. As the moon swings into Gemini on Sunday morning, try to land in a backyard cookout or enjoy dinner with friends at a local restaurant. The moon energy will be chatty enough to make it a memorable one. Also, with Mercury is in its last legs in Leo, forming a smooth hit to Venus in Libra in the middle of the week, the writing energies are prompting you to throw caution to the wind and laugh and love and ask yourself at the end of the day, “How often did I truly, really laugh-out-loud today?”


3 Writerly Things is a special series that provides quick tips and help for writers based on the weekend’s astrology transits. These are created during long holiday weekends and other special events. 


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