3 Writerly Things To Do This Weekend: Sun in Libra

Libra season is upon us, and although it doesn’t really change all that much about your writing in particular, it doesn’t hurt to add a little bit of its magic to your writing routine.

Libra, ruled by Venus, is great for redecorating your space, adding a few key pieces to your wardrobe, for the most part, adding more beauty and grace and joy to your writing life.

  1. You’re a Cover Person. Think of what the cover to your book is going to look like? Do you want it have a picture, illustration or drawing, and how does that fit into your genre? Dream as big as you want for this one. We suggest doodling it, too. It really brings you face-to-face with that reality of you writing your book (if you haven’t done so already, of course). If you have published your book already, then think about whether you’ll do that cover again. Or better yet, just write about how it felt to see that cover and what it meant for you as a writer.
  2. Get Headshot Ready. Headshots are such a key element of the writing life. Introverts, trust us, we’re with you on this one. But think about what you want to portray as a writer? Are there any headshot you’ve seen that have caught your attention? You can always keep it simple and spruce up your space, go outside or better yet, go the casual, looking-away route (a-la-model). We’re sure the Libra energy will fill-in where needed on this one.
  3. Stop and Smell the Flowers. Decorate your space with flowers this weekend. Not only do they beautify the space, but some research claim it even boosts ideas, creativity and problem-solving in workplaces.  Other studies claim this ups in mood with flowers can also happen in the home.

So enjoy this desire to make things prettier, because even though we’re writers and lean more to the hermit side of our inklings, our work and writing deserve that we try to always bring it more to the light.

3 Writerly Things is a special series that provides quick tips and help for writers based on the weekend’s astrology transits. These are created during long holiday weekends and other special events. 


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