Because the Show Must Go On

I’m writing this post on my phone. My laptop, which has been my writing lifeline these past four years, completely stopped working. It’s an Apple piece, so I’m hoping a trip to the store will resolve whatever is ailing it. Fingers (super) crossed!

But because I have a monthful of content to complete, waiting to figure out what’s wrong isn’t an option for me right now, especially when writing in itself shouldn’t rely on a computer.


This laptop breakdown reminds me of an old boss of mine, who was then the CEO of a huge publication and event-planning company, as well as author of a bestselling book. I was the company’s marketing manager then, working closely on the company’s digital platform.

That old boss, I remember, relied on very little… except for her Blackberry. That was her one-stop point for all the work things. One day, her device just up and stopped working, and she tasked her administrative assistant to figure out what was going on. It was then, as I worked with her trying to figure out her tweets and other updates she wanted me to post for her, that she told me she wrote her entire book on her phone.

I looked back at her shocked, forgetting what I was writing on my end, “What?”

“Yeah,” she replied back mimicking with her hands how she created the magic with her phone. “I would write on the way to the office and then on the way back home.”

She then turned around, as if this was the most natural thing in the world to her, and continued organizing her calendar and paperwork for the day.

It was then I realized she had nailed what writing should always be, even if it was on a Blackberry (the skills alone to read and type a book on that thing). That your writing should take place whenever, wherever and however you can, regardless of the obstacles.

I’m sure she was tired often writing during her commute. I’m sure she had sick kids to tend to when she got home, emails to ignore or reply back, calls to make, appointments to keep and track… and yet she wrote on until that book was complete.

So I as sit here before my desk, writing this on an iPhone 6S, hoping to create in the same ways, I’m reminded of that old boss. I’ve gotten two posts down with three to go, while plotting a plan B, C and D – in the event there’s no bringing back my computer. It’s the best and most I can do. It’s really all I should always do. That and keeping my fingers still (super) crossed.


What you think?

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