Best Halloween Costumes to Bring Out Your Opposite Traits

When it comes to Halloween, we usually stick to costumes and decorations we want to harness and embody, even if for one day. But what if we did the opposite and instead tried recreating characters we wouldn’t normally, if ever consider rocking?

Astrology brings us the gift of challenges, whether we want them or not, and Halloween is a good opportunity to work on our own challenges and faults through the use of dress-up.

Yes, we know you want to just have fun, but isn’t it fun to also be someone so out of what you and other would normally consider you?

Now, please remember that it’s important during this holiday to also be safe. Dressing up as an opposite can also be controversial, but let’s not do it where we’re disrespecting and risking our safety and that of others.

The goal is to be open to celebrating Halloween a little differently and cultivating creativity through other channels of what we experience and do and think. So remain open and positive, and most importantly, give this idea a try.

Aries. Your sign’s struggle is usually diplomacy and poise. Not that this is a bad thing, but qualities you struggle with more than others. That’s why a judge or politicians might be a good bet for you this Halloween.

Taurus. Your sensual and grounded nature could be challenged with an undertaker or grim reaper costume. Intense and almost secretive… and probably one that’ll prompt you to think of things you’ll normally avoid (death).

Gemini. Talkative, quick-thinking you could have a little fun as a priest or philosopher. Think about the matters of life, the spiritual realm and how you could implement aspects of that in your life.

Cancer. Because of your soft and nurturing nature, we’re offering you a small pass. This Halloween dress as what you wanted to be when you grew up. What was that role you knew you would become one day? The first-ever, nurse-lawyer-superhero-mom? Or a super basketball-baseball-football athlete of the century?

Leo. Because you have the magical power of making everything about you, this Halloween go as someone that’s done the complete opposite, such as an activist or someone that’s transformed the world. Malcolm X, Malala, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs.

Virgo. Your linear, straight-shooter thinking might have a little fun with a psychopath costume. Think Freddy or Jason or Michael Myers or other fun, out of this world Halloween movie stalkers.

Libra. The diplomat in your struggles most with rushing to things – and a costume that reflects that could be a little eye-opening. Consider dressing as a warrior, army person or even the iconic, Iron Man.

Scorpio. Everything doesn’t always have to be so serious, even though you have a hard time accepting it. Enjoy the simple, artsy pleasure of life with your costume this year. Famous singers, in particular, could be a good thing, such as James Brown, Billy Joel, Chris Brown or Barbara Streisand. The classics are always a good look.

Sagittarius. Although your sign tends to think long and hard about the important things in life, we think dressing the part would be a great experiment for you. See if you could come up with the – get this – best writers costume you could dream about.

Capricorn. Try to see what it’s like to be someone from your own family this Halloween season. Got a funny uncle you could imitate? Your grandmother’s quick response something meant to be shared? Show them a little love and how much you love them with a dress-up as them trick-or-treat.

Aquarius. You might be prone to rebelling against Halloween… as a matter of fact, your sign might not have trick-or-treated for a long time. Get creative, however, this year with a look that’s a little bit more ego-centered. We heard Kanye did a number recently at the White House. What do you think was going through his head?

Pisces. For you, if it’s not promoting you to dream and idealize, then it’s not quite worth your time. This Halloween season, however, you should hang up those tendencies by dressing as a scientist, chemist or doctor. The more practical, the better.

Editor’s Note: If you decide to dress up like any of these suggestions, please tag us and share!


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