How Did Venus Retrograde Bless You?

Venus is well on it’s direct way Friday, Nov. 16th. Causing cheers and celebration among many (yes, yes, y’all*). The planet of beauty, love and arts and everything attractive will no longer be wreaking havoc in these areas of your lives (and it don’t stop*)… something it’s been trying to pull since October 5th.

But the blessings of this planet aren’t over just yet. In fact, it’s all just beginning. So what did you learn or get (or repel too) with this retrograde? And what lessons can you take with you as it moves forward to really, really attract what you want?

FUN FACT: For #Nanowrimo writers, you might be revisiting characters and ideas that you thought were long gone and now are getting their second wind through these transits. Let those breathe, don’t brush or ignore them, just because you’ve met them before. Instead ride it through with them until the end. You’re halfway through this thing and Venus will be happily in Libra until the Dec. 2nd.


Also, because Venus was retrograding through Scorpio and Libra, impacting also Taurus Capricorn and Cancer (because of the lunations in Scorpio and Taurus), those too will be feeling more what the Venus retrograde is about. Also, also – the retrograde highlighted some planets for you to focus on, and Venus will be revisiting those hits again, so it’s best to get all your ducks in a row for when it happens. The full moon on Nov. 23 will probably let you see a bit better what Venus (whether characters, art ideas, storylines, etc.) was trying to dig up. So stay tuned for that!

Aries. This Venus retrograde felt a bit heavier, forcing you to dig into deeper realms than you’re used to doing. Your aggressive “let’s do this now” nature was tested a bit these past few weeks, as this retrograde forced you to think about how setting yourself up for the future. If any past relationships or situations with others rise up these past few weeks, that was the retrograde asking that try to settle old debts and patterns. Venus wants you to be a more appreciative of those around you with this retrograde.

Taurus. Did you feel the urge to visit old friends or colleagues or loves? Or did these just happen to happen? This retrograde period, which also touched on the Uranus that was transiting Taurus, felt a little wacky for you (on top of it being your ruling planet doing the retrograde). People you never expected to link with probably sprouted, making you wonder: “WTH am I getting out of linking up with this person?” Did you explore those connections? If not, you left wondering if you should? What was the nugget of beauty, finance or arts wisdom that Venus dropped on you? Venus is prompting you to be a bit more strategic about how you flex that work/life balance.

Gemini. The beginning of the retrograde was more about your day-to-day grind life, and you were probably fixated on that part of your life. Especially after your ruling planet, Mercury, played a bit with the Venus retrograde in early- to mid-October. Were you writing or thinking deeply during that time, Gemini?


Cancer. If you found yourself hibernating a bit, wanting to beautify your home space and wanting to make that area pleasing to your senses and feels, then you were on point with what Venus was doing to your sign. The full moon in Taurus around Oct. 24 specifically should’ve helped you get rid of a few things that no longer work, make your space feel good, etc. We know one Cancer who got a cleaning crew to sweep up their place. So did you attract a sense of peace in terms of your home and space? Venus sure hopes so.

Leo. This retrograde was urging you to be like the wind and escape for a bit. If you wanted to get away to relax for a nice weekend, but couldn’t – might be good to do so as Venus moves direct. It might also actually be easier. If you can’t get away, then take a break from social or other platforms that keep you “busy” for a weekend or two. Clear out your followers list. Make it more aligned with what you seek, your values and goals.

Virgo. This retrograde probably brought a nice boost to your finances. If not, you were able to establish a better budget or second job… whatever the case, you’re feeling a lot better about your pockets.

Libra. Venus went back into your sign, where it felt comfortable and safe and right at home. For you, this meant you were feeling your usual light self, focused on you and what you love and attracting lots of attention. And with the sun still in Libra before the retrograde, you should’ve been feeling like all stars were surely connecting for you.

Scorpio. Venus went retrograde in your sign, before going into it’s ruling sign at the end of October. Dreaming was highly encouraged and putting a vision behind those dreams was (is) the goal. A vision board is a great asset for you now. That way, when Venus returns to your sign in the beginning of December, you’ll be ready for all that holiday celebrating.

Sagittarius. If you weren’t at your networking best this Venus cycle, then you missed the sign. Hopefully, your ruling planet moving from Scorpio to your sign helped you see the light. Venus wants you to know the world needs you and that you’re better out there – doing the good work you know only you can do – than not.

Capricorn. This retrograde was helping you shine, Capricorn. And with Saturn forming a nice sextile on the Oct. 24th full moon, you were probably really feeling it. Are you where you want to be, Capricorn? This Venus retrograde should’ve brought you enough accolades to either: a) help you feel great about where you are or b) given you the recommendations and boost to get all that elsewhere. Either way, when it makes it’s way forward to make another nice sextile to Saturn on Dec. 15th, be ready to beautify your resume and LinkedIn.

Aquarius. You’re used to the unexpected, but because Mars was in your sign, plus Uranus was opposite Venus as it went retrograde, you were probably feeling a bit more frustrated than usual. Anxiety levels on blast. It’s important to prepare yourself this time with what you need for success. That means having mentors, taking certification classes and so on… the unexpected, paving the way isn’t the only way to use your energies. Remember you have access to the resources, that this retrograde helped you identify. With Venus going direct tap that information found your goals.

Pisces. With Mars, the Moon and Pisces in your sign, you already have a lot on your plate. Things were probably feeling a bit quicker than usual thanks to Mars… making you appear also a bit more antsy to others. Venus did a few hits early in the retrograde to Mars in your first, so you might have encounter hostility of some sort in early- to mid-October. Venus wants you to understand the deeper parts of you, to love it and most importantly, embrace it.

Editor’s Note: The (*) is for my many hip-hop references.


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