3 Writerly Things to Do This Weekend: Your Writing Tools for The Year

Oh, the magic of wrapping up a year and awaiting the newness of the upcoming one. Regardless of what you were able to accomplish (or not) in your creative and writing life, it’s the attempts and goals and how you pushed through that should be celebrated. It’s that energy and desire to always keep going that should exist in our pages.

Too often we focus on the end results only, when it’s really the process that determines how great we’ll be doing this out in the world. Because it’s what you learn and sharpen and discover during the writing that’ll support you in the years ahead.

This weekend, take the time to go over the greatness that was this year – not just with what you accomplished, but with what was accomplished in the writing and publishing world as a whole. Because when you, me and individually we succeed and thrive in what we’re doing, others do also… and that, my friends, is the beauty of our writing orbit.


This year, we were able to create a lot on Orbit, and it’s the hope that something from our posts grabbed your attention and helped you somehow, or way, to make your writing life better. From our monthly meditations to writerly posts, we hope we’ve done our job of showing you how astrology can and does support your creative goals. Here are a few of our favorite astrology writing tools we’ve introduced this year:

Take the Time to Meditate. It’ll Make Your Writing Better. Meditations are very much aligned with my creative life. I’m constantly centering myself to not only write, but also parent and be a human that’s here in this world now to create. Our Meditation Wednesday column with the monthly themes is designed to bring focus to your world.

Remember to Pay Attention to Mercury. We often read or hear of the retrogrades, and with Mercury being the planet of communications and writing and how we think, it doesn’t hurt to use the periods when it’s switching signs and retrograde to test our writing. It is currently in Sagittarius, which is the opposite sign of Mercury’s ruling sign, Gemini. It’s therefore asking Mercury to go a little higher than the regular way it functions. So, for example, we often rely on online research to get our work done, but when was the last time you actually visited a museum or library to get a little more on the theme you’re currently writing on?

The Moon Void Is Also a Thing. The moon void is that funky, in-between period when the moon is between signs. It doesn’t make major aspects to other planets, hence the term void to describe the lack of energy or emotional charges (the moon’s specialty) taking up the space. I enjoy wrapping up things during this time, and it’s a great way for me to pause and think about what needs my focused, dedicated TLC for an hour or two. The moon is actually void now, so I knew I had to push out this post. The voids occur approximately every two days and last anywhere from a few minutes to an entire day. You can check out this and other transits on websites, such as our favorite, astro.com.


If you’d like to find out more about what we’re doing and how to partner with us, email us: info@thewritingorbit.com.


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