Check It: Using Astrology to Parent Better, Fire Signs (The Lavender Stand)

This post first appeared on The Lavender Stand, as part of a series, for their launch and “astrology to parent” column. Check them out for more on stories that “shifts culture, practices, and out dated rules around expectations, funding, and field norms.”

Parenting is hard. We’ve all heard or read this somewhere along our journey, and since the beginning of our little one’s existence experienced it one way or another.

It takes all that’s within us to make it work. Not just the rational piece, physical or energy, but the emotional, too. And that latter piece is where we’re going to kick this series off.

You’ve read the title, probably looked up to the skies and thought, “What? You can use that large sphere there to make this better?”

Although it’s not technically the moon we see nightly, but the one we’re born with, that helps make this parenting thing a bit easier to perform. In astrology our natal moon, which is where the moon was when we were born, is our emotional ware. It helps us understand how we parent and even how our kids perceive us as parents.

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