Check It: Using Astrology to Parent Better, Water Signs (The Lavender Stand)

This post first appeared on The Lavender Stand, as part of a series, for their launch and “astrology to parent” column. Check them out for more on stories that “shifts culture, practices, and out dated rules around expectations, funding, and field norms.”

The element of water should be the easiest to describe and relate to the moon, because isn’t all about emotions. And isn’t the ruler of the moon (Cancer) a water sign? Yes, and yes, yes, yes to all of this.

Often times, and this piece is no exception, aligning the things that define it to the things isn’t always straightforward. Emotions are often thought of as a weakness to be able to relate and understand each other through our emotions. Especially when it comes to gender and the structures placed on those roles. The fluidity of gender and gender expectations should be as boundless and vast as water. Can you just imagine a world where we give our emotions that freedom to just?

Water has a different connection to parenting because of how tied we are to the element. Our children are within the amniotic fluid (water) while in the womb. Then, the “water breaks” when they’re ready to come out to the world. The water elements will have different, more internal challenges when it comes to parenting than the other elements. Meaning, it requires we check ourselves hard. We examine how our parents were with us, how our parents were parented, and how that lineage impacts our kids now. Because it will.

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