A Simple Writing Guide to Your Ruling Planet

The ruling planets for each sign often provide so much insight into how these signs could best behave to bring out the best of themselves. After all, there’s a reason why they’re the ruling planet, or the big rock in the skies that best describes and supports these signs.

With astrology, the goal is to develop into the highest octave of ourselves. That mostly means understanding and having a good grip on our ruling planet. Our ruling planet can determine a lot of what we’re capable of doing, and working with the energies of it can strengthen our everything from our careers, family life and personal goals.

For this guide, we’re focusing on the traditional ruling planets, although we’ve made mentions of what other planets rule what for your knowing vibes.

Aries. Mars is fast and aggressive in how it works. It makes its presence known. Not often intentional, however, which makes it challenging to hone your craft. But with a force, nonetheless…. And it’s that force that can propel you to get the work done. It’s the perfect “do the work now, edit later” energy. Or, better yet, do the work now and have someone else edit later. You just focus on the writing. Award-winning author, Dr. Maya Angelou, who is also an Aries, probably put writing in this sign best, when she said: “All my work, my life, everything I do is about survival, not just bare, awful, plodding survival, but survival with grace and faith. While one may encounter many defeats, one must not be defeated.”

Taurus and Libra. Venus is the opposite of how Mars’ energy gets down. It isn’t about getting the job done quickly, but about getting it done with ease and fluidity and flair. What gets me about Venus, however, is that although it’s rosy and bright (one of the brightest in the solar system after the sun and moon), it’s also extremely rocky and hot. It’s actually THE hottest planet. That’s sort of the interesting part about the connection between Venus and these two signs, which are often considered pretty surfaced and malleable compared to their opposing signs, Scorpio and Aries, respectively…both of which are ruled by Mars. Although Scorpio is co-ruled by Mars, depending on the astrologer you ask. But Taurus, represented by the bull, embodies that hot and rocky nature, while we don’t need to look too far into the volatile air in Venus to connect it to Libra. So that’s the writing issue that arises with these signs, understanding the concept of beauty and all the good things before you sit down and write (i.e. music, flowers, a sweet scent, etc.), and then when your mind wanders to other things, the beauty you need will be immediately, already there.

Gemini and Virgo. Those ruled by Mercury are often described as the witty, intelligent and unstoppable thinkers, who make incredible writers, philosophers and communicators. And the qualities of the planet can actually help describe why this is so fittingly true. Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, making it also the fastest to zoom around it. That zooming and transporting, whether of ideas or thinking and even of materials, is also apparent in the element that makes Mercury what it is – iron. When you look into the qualities of iron, the element most important in transporting oxygen in humans, also important in transporting us with our cars…thus helping us function and even think. For Gemini, the quick thinking is inherent also in its air quality, but more pronounced with it’s Mercury piece.

Cancer. Writing is often what comes from deep within our experiences and feelings and emotions, and with the moon ruling that domain of you, it makes for connecting your heart to your writing a lot easier. Experiment a little with the phases of the moon when drafting a writing routine, such as writing, writing, writing when it’s waxing from new to full, and then editing, editing, editing when it’s going to full back to new.

Leo. The key to your writing routine is to be “shinin’, shinin’, shinin’, shinin’,” like your ruling planet, the Sun. It could mean you being bold with your writing, pushing it out there when needed. It could also mean you leading a writing group, particularly one you can instill the vibe you want. Your leadership and writing qualities boom in scenarios like that, because like your ruling planet, your energy travels from your core and creates an atmosphere that extends for millions of miles (hence all the orbiting planets). Some great authors to read up – who went on to create big followings of their own – are J.K. Rowling, who went on to literally create a universe of her own, and the incomparable, James Baldwin, whose novel If Beale Street Could Talk is now galvanizing the big screens.

Scorpio. Your traditional planet of Pluto is a mysterious one, and although not technically a planet is astronomy-terms, it’s still a great description of you… When NASA’s New Horizon flew-by Pluto on July 8, 2017, the spacecraft captured several beautiful shots, including one of a “heart-shaped bright area.” very much a mystery and located deep, deep, deep in our atmosphere going places the others planets can’t quite reach. That is how your writing ritual should begin… taking the dives and plunges and routes others don’t take.

Sagittarius. A few decades back, scientists discovered that Jupiter had similar, if not stronger, lightning as Earth. They were more frequent, however, and could be viewed from a certain distance. This is remarkable for several reasons. Sagittarius is a fire sign and lightning is known as an electrical discharge within the clouds, according to National Geographic. Lightning is also Zeus’—the God of Gods in mythology—tool. He is often connected as ruling Sagittarius, too. His quest for higher knowing, all-knowing and freedom are the signs attributed to this sign. It is how this sign best learns and leans into life, searching for whatever frees it—its truth.

Capricorn. There was a recent report about your ruling planet, Saturn, that highlighted how the rings were disappearing at an alarming rate. It’ll be interesting to see what Daily writing, equipped with writing blocks and breaks and a whole writing calendar, isn’t rare for you. Your ruling planet is known for discipline and creating structure to the madness. Think of the skeletal system (which Saturn rules) in the body and how it sets the framework to our existence. That is how your writing routine frames your writing success.

Aquarius. Uranus is the only giant planet whose equator is nearly at right angles to its orbit. A collision with an Earth-sized object may explain the unique rolling rotation. Your writing patterns and styles is like this, water-bearer. Your goal when writing is to break barriers, change the general perceptions of the craft, whether with the genre or creating characters and spaces that have never been imagined. Your writing routine, although you would think sporadic, should be rather disciplined (quality of the co-ruling planet, Saturn, which some astrologer believe applies greatly to your sign, too), because of your ultimate goal and the drive behind it (a very Aquarian quality), will lead you to greater success.

Pisces. There is often no clear beginning or end or even middle when it comes to your craft, and it’s that ambiguity and openness that leads to a magical freedom in your writing. This isn’t just because of Neptune, your traditional ruling planet, but also Jupiter, what several astrologer believe is also a co-ruler to your sign… but whatever planet you gravitate to most, it’s important to understand how it is you lead – with rather a dreamy, often cloudy touch – then how you reach the destination. Think of other greats writing with this sign, like children’s writer great, Dr. Seuss, and magical realism genius, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and how their writing personalities meshed (remember, boundless) with the work they were doing. Dr. Seuss created a magical other persona distant from him in name and character, while Marquez only allowed near him but a selected few.

Whatever your ruling planet, remember there are other important factors in your chart that shape your creativity and energy, and these often play an important role in how and what you write.


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