How Astrology Can Help Your Career

Astrology is best learned in practice. Learning from charts and simply experimenting and connecting what you see and feel. When I first started doing astrology, I often used it for the most strangest things – what’s a good day I could take off, what’s the best day to redesign my living room and what are the best date nights.

But the more I learned and did, the more I used it more for my career, and what I should apply for, what could I be happier doing and what would I like to cross of my bucket list of things to do. I learned what worked, how things could work and what to look for in charts. I also learned we’re all here to do and explore as much as possible – not just stick to one company or position or location.


So that’s why we’re switching gears here… we’re focusing on the concept of a vocation and other career goals you may have percolating somewhere, somehow.

Those desires for something new, that speak to the growth you’re pushing for now. How can you use the transits and your chart, plus tweaking your resume a bit here and there to fully support what you’re doing? What about aligning your natal, the midheaven, sixth house or second house, too… and what about that will mean a change?

The midheaven is usually associated with what we’re meant to do here, and the sign there can give you hints as to what you should be doing to feel at ease and on track. Pisces, ruled by Neptune, could mean maybe a career dealing with ocean creatures or life, abstract artists or someone who deals with the less fortunate, in asylums or even a religion.

The second house is more about the funds, how we can go about making them funds and most importantly – how we feel about using our worthwhile and what we find worthwhile in ourselves to monetize. Because how we feel, most often then not, will determine whether or not we get it. It could also help in finding a hobby or side-gig for us, too. Cancer (ruled by the Moon) there could mean catering on the side, learning to cook and then creating a YouTube video to show your goods or babysitting or tutoring kids.

The sixth house, another key piece in finding a vocation or career, is about the day-to-day and how those energies can influence how we go about creating the daily mastery that creates the ultimate product that is our life. Virgo there– it’s ruling energy–could mean being meticulous and organized and working hard to get what we want. Then there’s Leo there, which could mean a more leading role and energy, although you have to be careful not to come down too hard on those around you.


So that does it. Do you have any questions about your chart? Send us your career questions and charts to – and let’s explore all this together!

PSA: If you know your birth chart, include your sun and midheaven when you email your question. You can create a chart at or email us for one (free)!



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