3 Tips to Sharpen Your Instincts

Do you ever find yourself doing something related to work or for others and realize, “Man, I’m pretty good at this…” or “Wow, I know a lot about this.”

Or do you feel the opposite often, such as – “What the hell was I thinking doing this?”

Often times, whether we feel the former or the latter, we’re unaware of what it is that we know and how much and whether we should trust our gut instincts or not.

But research shows that we should trust our gut instincts, even if we’re feeling like the world is collapsing before us. A 2018 report published by the American Psychological Association (APA) says people “who were instructed to make an intuitive, gut-based decision were more likely to report that that decision reflected their true selves.” That means, those gut decisions are the raw parts ourselves, the ones that display how and what we value most. Think Ron Livingston in Office Space, minus the hypnotizing part.

So why not go with sharpening and following your instincts for a streak or two? What do you have to lose? Because, if history has taught us anything (about the messes we’ve gotten ourselves into) it all ends up getting resolved and we end up where we need to, right?

We’ll further breakdown each of these, but for now get reintroduced to the three concepts that’ll likely revolutionize how you live your life.

Test Drive Your Gut. For three days straight – and we’re talking consecutively nonstop – stop to ask your gut what it wants, thinks or feels. Don’t worry about how much work it’ll be or how long it will take. We want you to really talk to your gut. It might seem weird or strange at first, but addressing it firsthand will allow you to really pay attention to what it’s saying and needs.

Trust Your Compulsion. Often times, those first decisions and choices end up being the best ones, and the ones we later revisit with a: “Damn, I knew I should’ve [insert mistake or regret here].” There are times you’ll have to think twice and that’s ok, but still pay attention to those first thoughts and wants and see what you learn about yourself.

You’ll Eventually Learn. It’s all about practice and realizing that you already know what’s best for you. Mistakes will sharpen that automatically, and later you’ll realize that whether the road is carved out a little longer, it’s all always completely worthwhile in the end.

Tell us if you try any of these tips or ideas, or better yet – if you have any good tips to sharpen your instincts of your own!



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