Tips to Meditate Better

Here at Orbit, we’ve been writing our monthly meditations for several months now, hoping you’re repeating and often carrying these words with you whenever you need.

Our meditations are designed with the month’s astrological aspects in mind, to make you better writers and thinkers and humans, of course.

What we failed to realize, however, is that maybe many of you don’t quite know how to meditate and understand why it’s beneficial to your writing practice. So, we’re here to break it down for you.

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Pick Your Battles and Times. As usual, good days to meditate are every day, but if you must focus on just a few, then focus on the ones when you’re most relaxed. Sounds like a backwards approach, but often the relaxing days will allow you to fall into it better and deeper. The stressed out points can’t only exasperate you more and turn you off to meditation completely. Are you get better and do it more often, you’ll be able to do it whenever – especially the stressed out days. What are some days this month that could be less stressful? We live for Trine and Conjunction days here at Orbit, mostly because of how easy the energy flows when it’s elements that support each other. There’s also any day after Mercury goes direct (post-shadow period though). Each of our meditations provide you with dates and times that have the most potential.

To Add Music or Not. We suggest you try both approach of using music, such as meditation playlists, classical music, mantra chants and so on. You can find these on Spotify, iTunes or even YouTube. There will be days when music works and days when it doesn’t, so don’t worry too much about sticking to one way of doing it. Experiment with how you’re feeling, how long you want to do it for, etc.

Have a Goal to Meditate. We often include a meditation mantra to go with your meditation times, and this is because it’s good to have a goal in mind when meditating, whether it’s to relax or prepare for a big speech, interview, or even if you want to accomplish a goal of writing a chapter for your book. The beauty of meditation is that there are many ways and reasons to do it, and if it doesn’t work out one time, continue to try it until you find a routine or methods that work for you.

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