Self-Learning Path: Manifesting Courage

Join us as we explore new themes and topics thoroughly each month, with a syllabus, interviews and everything that makes the traditional way of learning – but with a fun twist (we promise). Social discussions will be under the #woselflearner, with the goal of getting everyone to read, participate and learn from each other, too.

First Self-Learning Path project is with Aries – the warrior, athlete, whose mind is focused on the battleground, whatever platform that means for the goals and mission they’re here to accomplish. Our theme to highlight Aries this month is courage. What is courage and how can we apply more of it in our life?

Often with courage, we think of only in association with children and how it’s taught to them, thinking if we teach or talk about it for a lesson or two it’ll stick. It leads to kids and later adults knowing the definition of courage, but with little skills or know-how as to when or how to apply it. We simply assume it’s either an innate part of someone or it’s not. Truth is, there’s more to courage and how we (even the most timid of us) can lead a life full of it.

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

We’ll include, as usual, courageous (you could say) astrological days with each posts for you to follow and journal, write and create the bravest parts of you.

Week 1. Maya Angelou. Aries activist, poet and author of I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings and Life Doesn’t Frighten Me, knows a thing or two about what it means to be courageous. We’ll read excerpts of her work and how is courage defined through her words, actions and history. (March 17-23)

Week 2. Dr. Brené Brown. We’ll review excerpts from this award-winning, bestselling author’s Braving the Wilderness and Daring Greatly, who so conveniently also created a playbook and more research for us to use with the books on her website. (March 24-30)

Week 3. Your Courage. Fill out an assigned printable of the first time you felt a sense of courage. What does having courage mean to you? Was there ever a time you wish you had more courage? Let’s get social with this one and encourage ways we could be more courageous with #woselflearner on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget to follow @writingorbit for more! (March 31 – April 6)

Week 4. Our Values Chart. An important part of having courage is having a clear idea of what our values are, and how we can defend those values in the face of anything. What are those things you’ll fight for  time with your family, time reading, time in general? Focus on those things and issues in your life and create a chart that demonstrates each one. You’re going to decorate this chart, much like a vision board, and keep it near you wherever you make those difficult calls, moves and decisions in life. Fun Tip: I took a picture of mine and use it as the background on my Apple watch. So whenever I check the time, there’s the vision board I created of my values. (April 7-13)

We’ll be adding links and updates to The Self-Learning Path page as each lesson goes, so if you’re interested in joining us — bookmark the page!


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