3 Writerly Things to Do This Weekend: Spring Cleaning

New season, new plans—and somewhat new, clean spaces (or at least ones that feel like it), too.

There is something about spring, the fire it brings with Aries, that makes most people want to just blaze a new trail for themselves. It’s that fire energy — the warrior, trailblazer, leader — that’s just ready to start something. Anything, really. Because we know you’re already ready to get started, we promise it’ll take little to no effort on your part with these key things to do.

  1. Time for the Real Decluttering. I have tried to clear out what I can since December, as New Year’s Day approached along with its sparkly newness of new. I’ve been able to donate and throw out a lot of crap, including a handful of books, old notebooks, kids’ artwork, etc. But as is life, there still seems to be more. I’m going to return to my bookshelves, desk and writing space, because as luck would have it – or maybe it’s just the luck of a writer – it’s packed up again. Do not go into it with the intention to organize, but with the goal of throwing everything out. That’s it.
  2. Take a Nap. We decided to throw napping into the mix because it’s National Nap Day sometime this month, plus naps should be a part of every writer’s schedule. In fact, researchers recently presented a study at the American College of Cardiology conference that showed how people who took a 49-minute nap had a significant decrease in blood pressure, lowering the possibilities of heart attacks and other “cardiovascular events.”
  3. Learn Something New. Orbit launched the Self-Learning Path earlier this month, with the hope of learning new things with each new sign and season. With Aries taking wing, we figured it’ll be a good idea to take on the concept of courage and what it means to be courageous—as adults. Maya Angelou, Brené Brown and a few of our own stories will be what make this “coursework” flow for the next few weeks. I’ll be sharing my journey through courage, how I understand it and what it means to pass on that energy to my kids. Also, where does it land on my chart and how can I best pump that aspect of it in my life. So join us!

What you think?

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