3 Writerly Things to Do This Weekend: Easter Fun?

This time of the year is a little strange, although a bit somber because of the holidays, there’s also fun and family time to be enjoyed. Then, for those who don’t celebrate, there’s still Easter, egg hunts and the commercial sense of that.

But as usual, there’s always time to step back, absorb it all and simply write. So here’s three writerly ways to pretty much do that.

Go on a beauty hunt. Pretend you’re on a scavenger or Easter egg hunt. Keep your eyes open and attentive to beautiful, unique things you’ll normally wouldn’t notice or care for on a regular day. How many people can you find today wearing yellow shirts? How many are walking fast and rushed vs. calmly looking up, soaking in the world?

Reconnect with Nature and the Devine. Remember when you felt a spiritual connection, whether to a high power, energy or thought, and how that made you feel. Divinity is about our alignment to a higher force or calling and how we pursue that energy with dignity. Close your eyes and meditate to quiet your thoughts, repeat a mantra or prayer or saying (even a poem) and feel the vibrations and strength of your voice and how that connect you to that sense of divinity.

Sit in silence and write. The season is still continuing to bloom, to rise and set in motion a lot of the beauty of the season. Take note of the flowers in your neighborhood or near a park that are just starting to bloom. Take note and write about their colors, how perked up they are and what they provide aesthetically to the world around them. Beautiful, huh?


What you think?

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