Guest Post: Harnessing My Courage

By: Janelle Joa, founder of Between Moments

I’ve dealt with anxiety on some level, daily—as a wife to a strong, ambitious, successful husband and as a mother of 4 enthusiastic, persistent children. Not a day passes where my insecurities haven’t tried to overcome me.  

For years, I felt inadequate as a mother and wife. Thoughts of not being good enough, questioning if I was making the right decisions, and if I failed my family?

All of these negative feelings I was manifesting kept me down for a period of my life.  

I ignored my intuition and missed opportunities due to my overwhelming feelings of worthlessness, which in turn forced me into situations I had trouble figuring a way out.

I found courage in my faith, becoming grateful for what I had.  Acknowledging all the blessings—from the breath in my lungs to the roof over our heads to the loved ones who surrounded us.  I searched within myself a began to build myself up again, pushing through all those negative manifestations I created. Following my intuition and learning to lead my children by example—not wanting them to feel my insecurities—and staying true to themselves.  

I believe courage is a superpower we all possess it, but I’ll be honest
—I don’t know how to harness it. At least not all the time.

Fear of failure or inadequacy keeps us from opportunities and living the lives we have desired for ourselves.  I believe some of the greatest life lessons come from some form of failure. We teach our children if they fall, pick yourself up and try again. That takes courage. The best things in life are usually on the other side of fear.

Janelle is a wife and mom of 4, plus a doting stepmom to 1. She’s the founder of the craft and lifestyle website Between Moments. She enjoys sharing things she’s learned along the way, from cook authentic, Latin meals, staying healthy with aromatherapy and essential oils, and just being creative.


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