Enjoy the Rest of Taurus Season With This Checklist

Believe it or not, Taurus season is in the halfway mark, preparing to swift into the quickness of Gemini. But before it does in the next few weeks, why not add to your life as much of the Taurus sensual, organic and grounded energy as possible. Trust us when we say, live a little like the Bull.

And to help you out on this journey, we created a Taurus season, things to-do checklist for you to print and follow for the next two weeks.

You can do all or some of the suggested activities as often as you’d like. You can also create your own checklist of things that remind you of the simple, significant and valuable things in your life—such as pausing your schedule every so often, grace and treat yourself with love and compassion. And we think most importantly, as any good Bull would know, remind yourself of what you’re grateful for, not forgetting to enjoy the small experiences and things that make your life feel unique to you.


What you think?

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