The Walk the Talk in Gemini Worksheet

The Gemini season is fast approaching, making it a good time to check with how we’re communicating and thinking and whether it aligns with your goals, what we want and are meant to be producing in the world.

And on the 21st, we’ll be invited to dissect just that—how we’re thinking and walking in this life, when the Sun in Gemini bumps into the ruler of Gemini the planet Mercury (also currently in Gemini). It’s time to focus on your journal, or purchase one if you don’t have one. Meditate, learn something new, or simply get to know your own intuition a little better.

This week’s Walk the Talk Gemini worksheet should help you with the latter… understanding the choices you’ve made in life, breaking down how you made decisions in the past and how these shaped your now. There might be patterns to how you decide, whether fear-based or with guilt, and what does this mean for how you’re going to continue making decisions on your future. It could also be that you don’t make decisions and instead the universe sort of makes them for you.

Speaking of quick, Mercury will only be in Gemini until June 4. During the last days of May, it’ll make a quick hard hit to Neptune and then Jupiter… both of which are also in their ruling signs. Talk about energy! Be a bit more vigilant and conscious of what your mind puts out during these days.

They say you’re always deciding for or against something—sleeping in vs. exercising, eating a salad for lunch vs. a burger… so why not decide to become better at making decisions that’ll bring better outcomes?

Editor’s Note: You might have noticed the new things we’re dropping already. Yes, we’re out here creating worksheets and printables on The Writing Orbit. The goal is to get you thinking and writing with the transits and changes in the sky. Are you using the worksheets? Let us know what you think! Share what you’re learning and doing.


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