5 Tips to Boost Your Self-Care Routine

The best way to become a better writer and creator is to have a self-care game that’s equipped to support your drive in the long-run.

Whether affirmations, exercising, changing your diet or a combination of all these tools, it helps to break down and seek ways to improve on or modify what you’re already doing. Research shows even the smallest change, such as reading small amount of self-help books and websites, can help depressed patients. Also, the simple act of showing yourself TLC can boost your immune system. Here are five of ways to optimize your self-care approach.

Your Bedtime Routine

We often read and hear of the importance of morning routines; the celebrities that have a great one and how beneficial it’s been to their success. But what we don’t often read or hear about are the night routines that are just—if not more—supportive of how you wake up and handle your day.

A good, consistent bedtime routine can be the difference between you waking up to crush your dreams or your dreams crushing you, because you overslept or are rushing—yet again. Doing small things like brushing your teeth, taking a quick night shower, preparing your clothes for the following day (or three-days in advance), quick read and spiritual break… the rewards when you wake up will be in endless supply of energy and love.

You can also add in a journal-writing piece, a-la Benjamin Franklin, who used to ask himself a very poignant question every night: “What good have I done today?” Or you can go like the Queen of Pop, Mariah Carey, who reportedly sleeps 15-hours before a show with 20 humidifiers around her bed.

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Use Affirmations for a Good Night’s Sleep

Repeating mantras, words of encouragement and affirmations are the best way to talk to yourself, if you talk to yourself at all. This week’s transits of Mercury heading into Cancer on Monday, June 3 and Venus going into Gemini on Saturday, June 8 support this type of activity. And as usually, we have a 7-Day Affirmation Worksheet to help you get started.

Mercury the thinker and talker going into the sign of nurturing, the home and that motherly sensitivity, with the planet about relationships and love goes into the sign (Gemini, communication and thinking and quick travels) that Mercury rules. Open up that thinking ability, let the floodgates of your creativity roam free with these energies. This week use the power of your thinking and talking and writing to create your best world.

Create a Solid Dinner and Lunch Menu

You’ve probably read of the perks that come with batch cooking meal plan. You save time, money and a little of your sanity. But this concept, unfortunately, isn’t for everyone. If you work outside your home, then you can tap the power of your office kitchen or pantry to bring a few items from home. This way, you’ll save money on some items and can prepare your own stuff while there. If you’re home, however, try doing a batch cooking meal plan for three-days at a time. This way, you’re doing just enough to measure what you need and eventually work your way up to a full 7-day or even monthlong.

Exercise with a Friend

We can all get by with a little help from our friends, and exercising with someone you love and tolerate can make a world of a difference. Research shows that older adults when partnered with someone tend to stick to their exercise routines more than if they’re left alone. Also, other research shows that people enjoy exercising more –  plus they’ll go at it longer –  when with a friend than when trying to accomplish it alone.

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Finds New Ways to Socialize

We rely on social media a lot these days to check-off how often we talk and interact with other people. Make it a habit to call or write or better yet visit a friend at least once a day. These one-on-one interactions allow us to reflect a bit better on what’s going on, our own goals and life and doesn’t limit us to gifs or 280-characters.


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