Are You Ready to Get Out of Your Own Way?

There has probably been a point in your life when you’ve blamed someone or something for something or someone. Your parents for not being around as much, or your teacher for telling you you’ll never succeed. And although all valid reasons to be hurt and pained, they shouldn’t be enough to stop you or push you off your path.

And I know, sometimes they do. We veer off track. But it’s about facing those people, their words or actions or a specific event and learning what we can from them and moving on.

This week, we’re going to have an opportunity to face a those demons (for lack of a better word) through the transits. We’re going to face our excuses with the help of two strong transits this week: the two largest planets (Sun opposite Jupiter) and two of the thoroughest (Mars opposite Saturn).

What’s on the other side of those things we’re facing, however, those other people, things and events is often ourselves. It looks like we’re confronting something that’s an “other,” but is yet so intricately connected and aligned with us. It triggers us, forces us to step outside of ourselves because there is a lesson there. There is a part of us from that other person, incident or thing that we must bring from across that aisle and make it a part of who are now.

Sun and Jupiter. The two largest planets in our solar system will go toe-to-toe early this week. The sun in Gemini and Jupiter in it’s ruling sign. And because the sun being in Gemini doesn’t really impact the sun’s energy, but the Jupiter in Sagittarius feel will be quite strong for as long as it’s in that sign placement—then all eyes will be on Jupiter. Those with a sense of entitlement and wisdom and leadership in your life, if that’s what you feel has been blocking you… dig into that. What do you feel like this higher power is asking of you? If you’re able to find the exact placement in your chart, even better…

Mars and Saturn. The later part of the week’s opposition will be a little harsher, asking that you go into the darker parts of your self-sabotaging psyche and dig-in. I described it as thorough because when Mars and Saturn come for you, you feel the shift. It’s a thorough energy. Mars in Cancer, the sign that doesn’t allow the planet to work at its best, versus Saturn in it’s ruling sign of Capricorn. This energy can be a bit frustrating for your Aries and Scorpio planets and houses, although it’s in that frustration and facing it that, you’ll be able to build the structures you need to keep going. That’s what Saturn is asking. What are the mistakes you keep on making? What do you often run into a-la Aries, almost habitually and for safety and comfort (hello Cancer) only to realize it isn’t your best course to take? It’s that mindset that Capricorn is asking that you consider rebuilding.

This week’s handout will help you avoid those patterns in your life that are sabotaging your efforts. If you’re a self-sabotaging King or Queen, this week’s handout is for you.


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