50 Astrology-Based Things to Do With Your Kid This Summer

Summer break is often crammed with summer camp plans, beach trips, weekend getaways, the occasional play date and so much more.

It all sounds great and fun, but the one thing we here at Orbit encourage parents to really do, which is probably never in their radar, is to focus on their child’s solar development instead.

FYI: Summer officially begins this week on June 21st. Can you just sense that excitement?

But what does that even mean—solar development? It means using your child’s sun sign, particularly the element, and working to finesse and sharpen that energy; to connect them as often as possible to their elements.

If you’re still unsure how to do that, we’ve made it easy for you with this list of over 50 things to do and our Summer Adventures Journal worksheet, of course. This will help your family track those memories and return to them whenever you need a solar boost.

For the Earth Child… (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn)

  1. Plant a terrace garden or small seedling.
  2. Visit a garden or local park.
  3. Visit a quiet, not-so-busy area in your community to paint.
  4. Visit a museum. Check with your local sites to find out if there are any free or low-cost days.
  5. Create themes around your dinners each week. Pick a different type of cuisine and try out new recipes.
  6. Play dress-up and pretend. Let your child pick the characters and destination.
  7. Have a nature journal and go on nature adventures each week.
  8. Create a special bedtime routine that unique to your child—special pajamas, themes for bedtime reads, etc.
  9. Purchase a few plants to have inside your child’s bedroom or play area.
  10. Create a special playlist for special activities—wake-up songs, road trip to family members.
  11. Pick a summer color and change your child’s bedsheets, curtains and paint a wall with that color.
  12. Teach your child to be giving and volunteer at a food shelter.
  13. Host a yard sale with your child’s older, least favorite toys.
  14. Create a map of your neighborhood, with neighbor’s names, pets and other traits, so your child becomes familiar with his or her surroundings.
  15. Search for local hike trails and groups in your town.

Don’t forget to print our Summer Adventures Journal printout!

And the Water Child… (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

  1. Visit a local animal shelter.
  2. Enjoy a dance party night with your family.
  3. Spend an evening look at old family photos. Share some of your childhood shots.
  4. Write pen pal letter to family members or friends living in other parts of the world, country or city.
  5. Go cloud watching in the park.
  6. Pick a spot near your home and commit to viewing the sunset every, summer day.
  7. Have daily, smiling sessions where you and your child just stare at each other and smile.
  8. A few drops of aromatherapy in the bath, or (even better) if you have a diffuser going in the background while your child relaxes in the bath.
  9. Put some beans in an empty jar and use the “maracas” to create music.
  10. Take a picture of your child each day for the entire summer and document how much they’ve changed.
  11. Get an indoor, tabletop water fountain for your child’s bedroom or play area.
  12. Build a small paper sailboat. Here are some quick, easy instructions.
  13. Teach your child to swim—or just get them comfortable swimming and splashing in beach or pool.
  14. Create a memory box and include your Summer Adventures Journals!
  15. Fly a kite.

The Blazin’ Fire Child (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius)

  1. Host a family competition day—full of races, tug-of-wars, etc.
  2. Play board games each Friday night with semi-finals and finals where winner takes all.
  3. Go around your neighborhood and city looking at the different buildings, the architecture and history.
  4. Make an appointment with your optometrist. The sun (fire planet) rules the eyes and it’s a good time to get them checked.
  5. Spend the summer filling your place with yellow flowers. Ask your child to settle and arrange them.
  6. Do a field trip to your city’s capital.
  7. Create lemonade for the summer—and maybe even do a lemonade stand.
  8. Create a board to post in your main living space positive, self-esteem building quotes.
  9. Make sure your child’s wardrobe has a collection of yellow, red and orange tops and shorts. Got a Leo child?
  10. Create a spiritual practice, where you meditate, commune with nature, journal write and/or pray with your child.
  11. Daily write about three things you’re grateful and blessed to have as a family and individually.
  12. Commit to learning about three different countries and regions for the summer.
  13. Enjoy different types of fruits and make sure your home has a fruit bowl in your kitchen or main living room area.
  14. Get your child’s passport.
  15. Enjoy some mint tea and eyebright tea!

And of Course, the Air Child (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius)

  1. Create a family reading list for the summer.
  2. Host a family book club with your child’s favorite.
  3. Commit to daily walks around your community.
  4. Daily list three things you and your child are grateful for in your lives.
  5. Teach your child ways to hone their emotional intelligence, talk and recognize what they’re feeling.
  6. Make a summer scrapbook to remember all the adventures.
  7. Commit as a family to a “No technology” day several times during the month.
  8. Write a handwritten letter to grandma, an uncle or a cousin. Seal, stamp and mail out the letter together.
  9. Give your child a brainteaser every day as a challenge.
  10. Create a handcrafted gift—a picture frame your child paints, a painting for someone you love.
  11. Host and schedule themed playdates throughout the summer. Pirates playdates or even something relate to their favorite cartoons.
  12. Get a library card for your child, if he or she doesn’t have one. If they do, commit to going weekly and checking out the activities, library groups, etc.
  13. Learn to play chess and compete and challenge each other.
  14. Create common positive phrases and book serves and frame them where your child can see them and read them often—or you can point to and read it for them often.
  15. If your child has won awards, then purchase a portfolio to start organizing what they’ve won. Designate a special spot in their bedroom to celebrate their wins.

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