3 Writerly Things To Do This Weekend: Hot Days Are Here Again

The summer solstice is here, meaning so are the warm-beach-picnic days, as well as the when-was-the-last-time-you wrote ones.

The temptation can be real to skip a day or two and a month, but we’re here to encourage you not to fall victim to the beautiful days’ trap. Don’t do it. Look away from the sun and the clear skies—and focus on your writing. And if you need a little help—writing prompts, writing printable and planning—look no further.

  1. Dream a Little Dream. The planet and energies that encourage you to dissolve into dreamland—Neptune and Pisces—are going to be prominent this weekend. It’s a good time to think about your boundaries; what and who do you allow to interfere with your writing goals—or goals in general. Flex your boundaries and self-constraint/willpower muscles this weekend. You can also tap the energies creatively and pull out the crayons and paints and draw or paint out your characters versus writing them out. Write a story about dreams, or a dream you might have had once upon. Neptune is going retrograde until end of November. Remember also that Saturn is still retrograde, too!
  2. Act Like a Kid. We recently created a list of 50 astrology-related activities parents can do with their kids, depending on their child’s element. And although the post and summer adventures worksheet are geared towards kids, there really isn’t any excuse why an adult won’t enjoy it. Tea recipe suggestions, nature hikes and other ideas to keep you fulfilling all your adventures for the season.
  3. Prepare for the Eclipses Next Month. On Tuesday, July 2nd and then Tuesday, July 16, we will be experiencing an eclipse in Cancer and Capricorn. These periods are great for planning great goals ahead, but are also key in helping us look to recognize and realize our growth. So what were you thinking of building (Capricorn) or nurturing (Cancer) approximately 6 months ago? And where are you now with those goals? Don’t feel bad or ashamed if you’re far off or not even close to accomplishing it. The eclipses are giving you an opportunity to recalibrate yourself.

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