5 Surefire Ways to Accomplish Anything

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” ― Abraham Lincoln

It is never too late to get your life right.

You can go after your goals now or delay for months and years, plan for New Year’s Day or your birthday, but the process will more than likely always be the same―you have a dream, an idea of what it looks like, gather the tools, set a timetable and try to pursue it.

But what if astrology can help give that process a little boost, too?

With eclipse season here, this is likely the best time to set your planners and goals to coincide with the energies. Want to write that book? Start a business? Buy a house? There is no better time to get those plans and ideas down on paper and on their way to getting accomplished than now.

Before we continue, download and print or start planning with our eclipse worksheet.

But fortunately, besides the eclipse, there are some other ways to make sure you complete what you’ve set out to do, or at least figure out once and for all if that’s even what you should be setting out to do.

1. Measure your commitment level. Why do you want to do this goal? It is important to know the source of it. Is it something you have been dreaming about since you were young, and if so try to remember when exactly did it originate. Why has it taken you so long to get to this goal? Have you tried accomplishing before and not attained it, and if so, what’s different about you now than the you of then? It’s important that you know how hard you are willing to commit this time around. Most importantly, you’re gonna have to schedule it, monitor it and be able to be IT this time around. Studies show that when people monitor their progress, continue to make changes and modifications along the way, the chances of them accomplishing their goal increases.

TRY THIS: Use our Saturn Retrograde, Getting to the Top worksheet to create your discipline mantra. 

2. Plan six months out, look back six months. Astrology is a great tool to use when looking back, in order to plan better while looking forward. And because we’re working with eclipses, the six months backtrack is a great marker. Other astrologers enjoy looking even further back, to when the eclipse family started, but that is for deeper questioning and queries.

This eclipse family in Capricorn and Cancer started in July of last year and will continue until the same time next year. For the purposes of starting now, we can focus on this upcoming July eclipse set and the next eclipse set coming up in December. Use all new moons and full moon dates from here until then to keep track of your progress. We’ve listed these lunar events in the eclipse worksheet. Those dates are your deadlines. Clocking back to January, think about what you’ve done since January until now that’s made you arrive to this decision.

3. Create attainable goals. The goals you create matter. Research shows that younger people tend to create goals that are career-aligned and about their professional status, while older adults get to be more about their health and general well-being. These are goals appropriate for those stages in life. That’s not to say you can’t switch it around and seek out a different career, for example, when you’re older, but for the most part we seek out those career changes for our well-being and general happiness, too. And chances are, we aim to accomplish them and complete them a lot easier as a result of that. Speaking of happy.

4. Just make sure you’re happy doing it. There are people pursuing dreams and goals that don’t make them happy, just because it was something they set out to do when they were 10 or 20-years-old. But now, the thought of pursuing those things leave them depleted, and sadly, just worn out. It could be the magic has worn off or that you’ve been pursuing for so long that you long gone forgot why, or maybe it’s just that you haven’t connected with that goal on a soul-to-soul level again. But the point is, you’re no longer happy with it. And that’s okay. It doesn’t mean you need to let it go. It could be that you need to do something that makes you happy in the meantime (maybe a goal aligned to that main one), until you find your vibe for it (or something else completely) again.

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5. Daydream about what you want.  We live in a world where daydreaming has been replaced with envisioning and there’s this pressure to really seeing what we want. But here at Orbit, we believe simply daydreaming coupled with the power of our intentions goes a long way. Daydreaming with the same energy, seeing yourself accomplishing the thing you want, how you possibly did it, what happened after you accomplished it.

Don’t be concerned if you suck the first few times; it takes practice to get back into it, like when you were a kid. But be sure to try it before you get out of bed, while showering, during your commute to work and all those brief quiet moments when your thoughts have a little bit more freedom to roam. Add music, too. It builds up that soundtrack to the dreaming. And use those new moon and full moon dates to daydream a little more. Take a day off during those dates and dedicate it to daydreaming and pushing a little harder on those goals.

Use the Capricorn/Cancer eclipse worksheet to work each month with the new and full moons until the next eclipse set in December 2019. Don’t forget to come back for more updates!





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