3 Writerly Things to Do This Weekend: Free Your Writing

The fireworks, backyard grilling, parades and often poolside fun with family and friends—the blissful freedoms we get to enjoy this weekend.

Can you think of some others?

But if you don’t have these to enjoy, it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your freedom to (at the very least) one of the most important activities to you—the freedom to write.

Write your own declaration of independence. What do you want to declare for yourself as a writer, person and from whom—or probably most importantly, what—are you declaring your freedom from? Print out or rewrite whatever you write to carry around with you and remind you of how important writing is to you.

Check out the Wimbledon matches. Often, the best part of watching sports are the stories that athletes bring with them. The challenges they’ve had to face, the adversity and often the record-breaking triumphs. Althea Gibson was the first African-American to win a women’s tennis singles title at Wimbledon in 1957. She was born in Harlem, to former sharecroppers, when everything was still segregated. Think and write about how much has been accomplished since then, and better yet, what’s still to come.

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Plan out your writing goals. You can’t complete what you don’t plan out. It’s as simple as that. As writers, we tend to complicate what our end result should be, but there should always be a plan. Lucky for you, we created an eclipse planning worksheet to help you use the moon phases as check-points. We also have a Cancer New Moon Writing Prompt post to get your writing juices flowing.

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Oh, and just enjoy your weekend!


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