Your Cancer New Moon Writing Prompts

As a special treat, we created a series of writing prompts for the individual signs, based on the energies of the eclipse and where it lands for each. These writing prompts are meant to provoke those aspects of your thinking, get you writing based on how the eclipse is hitting your specific sign and hopefully help you create some magical writing.

These are meant to be fun, but also to give you an opportunity to work with the energies a little differently.

If you want to work more intentional with the eclipses and have some goals you want to pursue, don’t forget to download our eclipses planning worksheet.


Let’s start with Aries. Think of your foundation as a writer. What motivated you to get started as a writer or creative? And what keeps you going?

Taurus this eclipse is asking that you read this time around instead of write. And to read things that help you feel comfortable, that you’ll enjoy and not feel forced to read. Your ruling planet (Venus) is in Gemini, so it’s begging to be challenged a bit. What’s next on your reading list?

For you Gemini, we’re going to go with a real writing prompt. Since Venus is in Gemini with this eclipse, your writing prompt is going to be focused on the legendary, Gemini bombshell, Marilyn Monroe, who died when she was 36-years-old. Create a Monroe for today’s generation. What would she accomplish and what would she look like?

This eclipse, Cancer, should be a deep one for you. It will crack your shell just a bit. Crack you open a tad bit. Think about what it means for you to be open. Write about vulnerability and being exposed? That dream of being naked, running down a crowded street—that is your character for this prompt.

Leo, the planets Mars and Mercury are in your sign. What you think you’re acting on and what you’re acting on has been thoroughly planned out in your subconscious. Those stories about mermaids, aliens and other characters you never dreamed of creating deserve their chance on paper now. Write about the strangest dream you’ve ever had, with strange characters, incidents and all. Think like your fellow Leo J.K. Rowling.

Just like Taurus, Virgo, you are getting a non-writing related prompt. Your writing task for this eclipse is to seek out writing groups and networks. Your mission is to find your tribe. And because Mercury (your ruling planet) is in Leo, don’t let your ego or vision of what you think a writing group (hello, perfectionist stereotype quality) should look like get in the way. Explore new ways to connect and be with other writers.

Libra it’s time to think big picture in your writing. Your writing mission for this eclipse is to write about a young adult with a multiple personality disorder. They have a regular upbringing, nothing cliché or the usually violent or negative childhood usually connected to someone with this condition. They’re trying to lead normal, young adult life. What does that look like, Libra?

For you Scorpio, think of a character that’s traveling far away, to distant and remote country. This person is in search for something and that’s up to you to create it. Also, don’t forget that often what someone is running to, can also be traced to what they’re running from. Who is this character?

When it comes to you, Sagittarius, this is going to be a fun test for you. Think of the step-mothers in fairy tales, from Cinderella to Snow White. You’ve been selected to be the ghostwriter for their memoirs. Over the years, we’ve seen different adaptations of these children’s favorites, even adult versions, but the step-parents often continue to have a dark side. What do you—as their ghostwriter—have to say to that?

Capricorn think and write about the relationships that have formed you. Write a conversation you had with one of these relationships, what did they say or share that still shifts you in some sort of way today.


Although things tend to be quick with you, Aquarius, let’s slow things down with a different prompt. Write about a senior in a nursing home. But this isn’t no ordinary senior. This one has a unique past, maybe even a secret, and he’s having an identity crisis now. His family doesn’t know about this past of his either.

Pisces, write about a child who has to live under his parents’ shadow. This parent achieved material success—awards, fame, recognition and wealth—and was even a great parent, but this child was still resentful and angry for some reason. Is he or she angry at this parent, himself and what does it mean to have to live in that darkness?





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