Celebrate National Picnic Month—with a Picnic!

We couldn’t let National Picnic Month pass without creating a post about it, especially since picnics make for excellent writing spaces.

Also, Mercury (in retrograde) and Venus are forming a peaceful conjunct in Cancer this week, making for a great time to bring people together and enjoy the beauty the world has to share. Just imagine—fresh air, soft grass, people-watching and probably a creative person’s favorite, the cloud-watching. And yes, we created a cloud-watching worksheet to get your creative juices flowing.

But what makes for a great picnic—and really, who cares?

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Although historians say back in the day, specifically during the Middle Ages, picnics were more of hunting feast ordeal. Then, during the Victorian times, the wealthy used it as a way of flaunting their resources, food and (probably the most crucial resource of all) leisure time. Over the years, picnics went to become a more universal thing across social classes, and today we’re able to enjoy picnics whenever and wherever, and even however, we want… and all without having to break bank. You need only a few of the following to make it happen.

  1. Keep your guest list small—or better yet go alone. Although picnics make for a great social event, there is nothing wrong with planning an outing for just you and the latest book you’re reading. You can even bring a notebook to simply take note of your thoughts and observations. The thinking you do alone is often so potent and valuable. Many epiphanies are had with just that recipe alone. Oh, and don’t forget to bring our cloud-watching printable to do a little of that, too.
  2. Pick a accessible, natural setting. And preferably near water. A good site can either make or break your picnic. If it’s too secluded or a place many are not familiar with, then be sure you give guests clear directions. Actually, creating a map with direction and instructions (something quick and dirty from Word) on an invite would be a great touch.
  3. Ask guests to bring food. You can never have enough treats to eat and the best way to guarantee there’s more to enjoy the better. Recruit friends that have confirmed they’re coming to bring a plate, a-la-BYOF. Encourage store-bought also.
  4. Take it back with the games. Badmington, quick volleyball game, playing cards or even board games are a great way to keep the fun and conversations. And if you’re up for it, invite others that you see also enjoying a nice moment out. There is a lot of truth to the more the merrier bit, especially when it comes to being merrier at a picnic.

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