3 Ways to Build Momentum and Luck

We’re inundated with bad events, bad news and just the worst of what we’re capable to do as humans. As writers, we often tend to take these moments, to write more to create new universes and existences, to soothe the pain often left along the bridle paths.

So this week, with Jupiter— the abundant planet— making trines to two positive planets, too—the Sun and Venus, let us continue this ritual with a few positive habits more or two.

During a previous Sun and Jupiter transit, we asked you to get out of your own way, and to think about the ways you get in your own way. This time, with a trine between the two largest planets, plus Venus giving it a boost, we ask that you think about the ways these two can work easily together for your greater good. The opportunities, especially, that arise and how you can take advantage of the energy it brings. Trines have a way of making energies flow a little smoother and quicker, with you (the initiator) taming the energies where these planets play.

Well, how else can you tap the best out of the energies this week? We’ve got a practice or two that might just be able to help.

Also, because we’re firm believers that one good deed or act or opportunity can easily flow into something greater, we created this week’s printable to help you track those opportunities. Build up on the momentum of what comes. It’s the same with writing, right? One good sentence, leads to another and flows into paragraphs and storylines to finally (if we’re persistent enough) books.

  1. Check-in on your spiritual practices. Jupiter pushes us to explore our highest beliefs. To question them, too. We shouldn’t be afraid to fully understand, through the goodness and bad, what it is that we place our strongest abilities on. The ability to believe and sacrifice, living through a system of truths. Our truths. Why be afraid of that? Write out what are some of the questions you’ve struggled with in your spiritual beliefs and practices? Even if you’re still grappling with it at the end of this week. This should be a lifelong practice for you…that’ll provide you with a boost at all times.
  2. Take a refresher course on a hobby. And by refresher course, if could be anything from a formal, accredited thing to committing to viewing a series of YouTube videos throughout the week. Jupiter encourages us to achieve “highest learning” and this is mostly education that will push us to think further, more global even.
  3. Support the greater good. No matter where you live, or how small you feel, we’re all in this orbit together. Climate, water or nature organizations, even animals and food… the opportunities are endless for you to support groups pushing for a better world. You could send money or read up on their work and share what they do with your network of friends. Get creative and create a committee, hold a small get-together or social gathering and think of ways to support your local community. This could even be a monthly thing! Serve a peppermint tea with raspberry, honey and ice to boost those Jupiter vibes. Add a handful of raspberries to flavor it a little more.

Track your positive trail this week with our printable. Rememberone good, positive deed or act usually always leads to another and another. Don’t forget to track it all down.



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