Meditation Wednesday: Getting Grounded

It sometimes feels like things are just getting started, right? But really, spring has come and gone and now summer, the long days and our many resolutions feel so far away and distant from the reality of our days. But look at you, you’re making it. You’re doing it, even though there are still some key steps to be made.

From Leo to Virgo, the senses get a little more razor sharp. You had fun, but now there is serious work that needs to be done. Although Mercury (Virgo’s ruler) will be transiting into Leo in a few days, it will quickly jump into its ruling sign toward the end of the month… just in time to waltz a bit in the sign with the Sun in the first few days of September. This is when we should be aligning our actions with our thinking the best we can.

The full moon in Aquarius mid-month is asking that we at the very least try. Uranus pops off in retrograde just a few days before the moon goes full and does a square to Mercury in Leo, who just wrapped up its retrograde force and will be then right out of the shadows of it. This means both planets aren’t gonna be at a weaker peak and scattered thinking, as well as talking and communicating and maybe even some outrageous ideas, could be percolating around this full moon. So be ready with a pen and paper!

As for the new moon at the end of the month, the energy will be pretty tight with several conjunctions and trines, and if you can take a few days off from work, events and slow down—enjoy the energy.

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This month’s meditation is to prepare you for those earth feels that are fast approaching, the quickness of the winds again and the setting of the sun arriving a little earlier each day. This meditation is best done in the morning, when your senses are still fresh, and again at night, as you wind down.

I wiggle my toes.

Dig them in the dirt.

Press the soles of my feet

To the ground

Force them down


The earth connects to all the senses

Of my feet

Entrenched in the veins, the wrinkles

In between my toes

That I wiggle, stretch my feet

Dig them in the dirt


After citing the meditation, stretch your arms and legs. Then, massage your thighs, squeezing your knees, calves and finally feet.

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