4 Ways to Use the Creative Energy of Neptune

Most astrologers would agree that describing Neptune is often as foggy, confusing and elusive as the gassy planet itself. The late astrologer, Donna Cunningham, in her book Astrology and Spiritual Development, said that when it came to this planet’s energy “it is hard to tell when you’re on the positive end of the spectrum and when you are on the negative.”

That is how convoluted the energy is for many.

We’ve put off writing about Neptune mostly because of that, despite it being one of the planets most inclined to the creative life, and also because it’s been pretty well-behaved (for the most part) this year transiting through its ruling sign. But this week, we’re diving into the void of it, as Cunningham described in her book. That void that questions our concept of reality, our sense of freedom and even our approach to surrender.

This week’s printable asks that you revisit and focus on the items on your bucket list.

1. Create a Neptune vision board. This planet is about dreams, illusions and our other realities. Neptune beckons us to create different realities for ourselves when it comes to our visions, dream the impossible and often delusional. There is no boundaries to how far, wide and deep we could dream. It is the best source to tap when we want to think of what else is possible for us. Create a vision board for another version of yourself, probably the “you” version who went to a different college choice or worked that other career you were thinking of doing. What could that he or she version desire? Oh, and think about your bucket list, too. List and add pictures of the many things you want to do in this lifetime.


2. Surrendering to the void. The void that Cunningham describes is very basic longing, that appears or (rather) we’re confronted with when we stop doing things for the sake of doing. She describes a time when she found herself trying to keep herself busy, without realizing there was something else she was avoiding confronting. What are you trying to avoid doing or facing about yourself? Dig into the silence. Dig into the quiet, where you can practically here your thoughts and idea leap out. Remove those barriers. Let go of the worries, the doubts and anxiety. That’s what Neptune prompts… that there be no walls, restrictions or st ops to your creativity.


3. Keep a dream journal. Keeping a dream journal is very much like journaling for your regular day⁠—only the night dreams offer a little more material. Robert Moss, author of Conscious Dreaming wrote: “Your dream journal will become a personal treasury of images, charms, and teaching stories, the vocabulary of the soul.” It’s not surprising that the often foggy, ambiguous dream world is connected in astrology to Neptune, the gassy planet with cloud formations that function as storms.

4. Listen to the soundtrack of your life. Neptune rules music⁠—the creation of it, the enjoyment of it, the pleasure of being surrounded by music. What are the songs you grew up listening? What are the songs your parents listened to? What about you⁠—growing up during your teens, college years and now? What does listening to music do to you?




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