7 Ways to Soak in the Last, Few Summer Days

The days have a tint of cold to them. The coldness comes in waves, depending where you are around the country.

Although fall is right around the corner, and already restaurants are touting their pumpkin menus, it’s important to bid farewell to the summer season in the best way. You can make this a routine thing to do, since it forces you to pause and contemplate on the changes and adjust your energies to your surroundings.

Also, if you’d like to really make these last few days count, then check out our astrology-based summer activities list. Although originally created for kids, we personally think anyone can enjoy it.

1. Enjoy the sun. Of course this is a given, but already the days are getting shorter in the east coast, and before you know it’ll be dark midday. Enjoy the sun, wear some shades and just look up at how bright it is in the sky. Take a mental picture of the clouds and just observe how far out and up the sky feels.

2. Unplug for a few days. If you’re going to enjoy the great sun while it’s still out, then might as well make it without distractions. Unplug for a full day or two before the sun leaves. This will allow you to experience in real-time the hours of the day. Life has a different pace when you’re not get beeps and vibrating alerts at random times during the day.

3. Write down your favorite summer memories. What memories did you make this summer? What were some of the highlights of it? Write a quick “love letter” to summer. Dash a little perfume or cologne on it and store it away for when the season returns.

4. Relax with a sabbath. When was the last time you took a spiritual retreat to just relax and pray or meditate? The closing of a new season invites us to slow down and be grateful to witness the coming of something new. Pray for what you wish to see, experience and enjoy with the new, upcoming season.

5. Redecorate your bedroom. Moving the furniture around, sweeping under the bed, dusting off the curtains, windows and walls… will do wonders for your space. If the last time you switched up the energies in your space, then it’s long overdue. You can switch where your bed is positioned with the dresser and chest or whatever else you have in the room. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little.

6. Put away your summer gear. Put away the pieces you enjoy rocking and could very well see yourself wearing again. If there’s anything stained (barbecue sauce!) or ripped, consider cutting them up and reusing again next summer, or completely throwing them it out. The clothes you do put away, be sure to say thank you to the universe, for providing you with clothes and gear to create memories in and enjoy.

7. Enjoy a meal or snack outside. Whether it’s enjoying your morning coffee out on the porch or terrace, or lunch near a park or garden area, try to eat something outdoors. A quick picnic, anyone? Put on a warm, cozy sweater if you must, too. Studies show that squirrels tend to relax when they hear the chatter of birds. We think the same goes for us humans. Enjoy the remaining chatter of these little creatures while they’re still around!

Extra Credit: While you’re bidding farewell to summer and preparing for the colder days, it’s good to also check-in with the planets retrograding in the coming months. Saturn is headed direct in September and will be in the shadow phase (where it retrograded through and will be transiting through again) until December.

We created a special Saturn shadow work worksheet for you to make the best of this period. The printable includes special Saturn transits from now until December.  


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