Plotting with the Balsamic Moon

On any given three days or so before a new moon, you’ll find me plotting away with the dark moon. Whether it’s revisiting my vision board or creating a new one, to even simply discussing my deepest wishes with my close, loved ones, the goal is always the same—to absorb the dark phase of the moon, as it prepares to shine new again.

Here are some quick, easy ways to create in the balsamic phase. Also, use our printable to create goal magic during any new moon.

1. Honor the darkness of the moon. The dark phase beckons us to go dark ourselves, whether that’s unplugging and listening (and recording or writing) to the natural process of our thoughts; asking ourselves who we are in our darkest. When was the last time you experienced real, deafening silence? Do you know what that feels and sounds like? When was the last time you created with and from such a dark, deep space?

2. The new is coming, so expect it. But on the flip side of darkness, there’s also light. We sit with the dark and create with the light. We move with the light. We explore in it. It is energy. Most of the energy we receive is produced by the sun, some of which is transferred to animals, plants and then ultimately us. So think about how you create with your light? And most importantly, what you go on to produce with your energy and light in the natural transfer of energy?

3. Focus on what you want for the new moon. You could write and rewrite all the goals you’ve set to do in the new moon, but it’ll do very little if you don’t do the most essential piece of the process: focus. What about your goals push you forward or create that sense of energy that’s your light? It is important to have this energy source at the core of what you do, especially when it comes to your writing life.

Don’t forget to print out our new printable on focus on your ideal goal. Although it’s great to have several things on the burner at once, it’s even better when you’re able to focus hard on just one. Then, as you get better at focusing and creating with the balsamic and new moon, you can turn it up a notch (or two).



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