Power Writing Prompts with Pluto

You haven’t written in several days, maybe weeks, or you’re stuck writing a scene that isn’t quite coming out how you’d like. We’ve all had those blocked moments, so we try everything other well-established and published authors suggest we do, whether it’s taking break from a project and trying some self-care or reading for inspiration, trying something more creative—and yet nothing seems to change. We realize that while sometimes these strategies will work, most of the time we’re still where we started.

Pluto is the planet of rebirth, death and resurrection. Although it’s gotten the status of dwarf planet and astrologers have shifted their gears to not include it, we like to still consider it in readings. It’s still part of our orb and for a long a time a very strong part of our astrology discussions. It historically ruled Scorpio, so it deals a lot with digging into our own depths and embracing our shadows. Body-wise, Pluto is that draining feeling we feel when we’re completely spent and exhausted. Writing-wise, Pluto is often that urging to keep writing, despite the blocks.

READ MORE: This week’s worksheet is to take inventory of what we’re leaving behind when we die—the books, the bills, the characters and chapters that we’ll be dropping, if we were to drop today. 

So how do we learn to go with that energy of letting certain ideas, concepts and even parts of ourselves—die. We created a printable to help you answer those Pluto questions, but also provided some tips to help you sort through its energy. But below we break down what a Pluto self-diagnosis entails with a little follow prompt to give you a boost. Now, find your sign and get to work.

Aries. Temperamental is the name of the game when Pluto is vibin’ with your energy. What bridges have you burned in the past—and what did you learn from that?

Taurus. Be careful not to use money to manipulate or to try to guide your self-esteem. How do you indulge yourself with material things?  

Gemini. Careful not to be too critical. Think of a recent argument you had—and what was the result or how was it (if at all) resolved)?  

Cancer. The concept of nurturing is a means to an end, and often an end you want to control. Who “wore the pants” in your family life growing up? Write about when you first realized this power dynamic.

Leo. You can easily become highly possessive of those you love. Have you ever been jealous of a lover’s relationship with someone—and what did you learn from that about yourself?

Virgo. Your job becomes a source of power and you highly relate to your career label. Write about your coworkers over the years and how you relate to them or attempt to, at least.

Libra. The balance game it’s what you play with everything—even the physically. Write about a character, a senior or older person, who falls and loses consciousness. How does it feel that sense of powerlessness—after the coming to? And the understanding, or lack of it, of keeping a balance between what we feel and what the body tries to tell this character (hey, you’re too old for that!).

Scorpio. Pluto feels at home in your energy. Power, to you, isn’t a foreign concept. You’ve been in fact carving out what it means to you, since you realized it’s what makes your energy tick a bit. Think and write about your journey with power. What does it mean—the sensation—to wield it, sharpen it from time to time and how what do you think it’ll feel like to finally express it?

Sagittarius. Pluto in this sign seeks power in the spiritual and religion. It wants to express its sense of control through the higher powers that be, the concept of organized religion and philosophies of the world. Create a character who is struggling with his beliefs; no longer able to believe blindly and continue with the rituals of his day-to-day. What does it feel like to lose that sense of an identity—a source of his power—for this character?

Capricorn. The power here is in your ambition. What does it mean to be ambitious and have ambition and to function with this as a key trait? Write about a time when having ambition overrode all your other senses, or when the lack of it—led you astray.

Aquarius. Your superpower is in who you know. Write about a friendship that’s off-balanced, with one character using the other and how does this end?

Pisces. To understand Pluto with Pisces, think about a deep, strong secret that only you or you and probably one other person only know. That’s what Pluto is capable of with this sign. Write about a family with such a deep secret; although they’ve been able to function, ignoring the secret, it’s somehow caught up to them. Write about how the seams of this family’s life and routines tear apart.

ALSO, TO DO: Don’t forget to create a list of all the thing you’ll be leaving behind, were you to die today. 


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