Meet 3 Capricorns Who Fit the Sign

When it comes to Capricorn, those born under this sun sign have a capacity like no other, and as you’ll see with the celebrities and leaders in this list, they’re truly tops when it comes to their industry. How Capricorns impact is deep, affecting structures and how we as a world navigate it. These, in particular, have shifted the world and how we view it, in ways unimaginable.

Fortunately for the rest of us not born under this sun sign, we still have the Capricorn and Saturn energy within us, and have the ability to harness is, too. But where it lands isn’t so easy to grasp—if we’re not comfortable with how Saturn is pushing us.

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As astrologer Liz Greene wrote about Saturn in her book Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil:

“The nature of this conflict between conscious and unconscious, dark and light, is neither good nor evil; it is necessary for growth because out of it comes eventual integration and greater consciousness.”

That Saturn and Capricorn energy in our charts prompts us to grow, expand in ways that is uncomfortable, but oh-so necessary and warranted. Pinpoint the Capricorn and Saturn in your charts and ask yourself, how comfortable are you with growth there?

Lebron James. The NBA superstar has been the talks of the league since stepping foot on the professional court in 2003, right out of high school. He’s exceeded the expectations of fans and experts alike, always being compared toe-to-toe to the previous legend, Michael Jordan. James, like a true Capricorn, has carved out a lane of his own; navigating where he goes as a star player, negotiating his contracts with sponsors (earning him a lifetime contract with Nike) and helping his long-time friends and confidants along the way. That latter piece about his friends, we think, has to do with having a Capricorn sun in the 7th house. James also contributes a lot to his hometown of Akron, Ohio, funding a school for local kids.

Be Like: This future hall-of-famer is known for his frugality. He reportedly still uses free subscriptions for some of his favorite apps and it was also rumored that he held on to his old, still-functioning Blackberry for many years. Lebron knows there are ways to enjoy good things and be disciplined within a budget, regardless of how much you’re bringing in. What subscriptions are you currently paying for that you can’t get from your local library or for free?

Michelle Obama. The First Lady is no stranger to the mountain goat trait of hard work. She achieved great success as a lawyer, despite obstacles and the typical labels that get pinned on women of color. What’s highly incredible is Obama’s desire for change, for focusing on those with least access during her tenure in the White House. Growing up, she was influenced by her father and wanting to do right by him. He passed away early in her life of multiple sclerosis.

Be Like: The strong Capricornian feature in Michelle’s chart is her father’s influence. Think of who fit the “father role” in your chart and write them a letter, thanking them and noting what are the things they’re inspired you to do. It could be anyone or anything that kept you disciplined and focused.

Muhammad Ali. Ali changed how boxing is viewed or played with his unique style, outspokenness and strength. He broke records and noses along the way, but it’s his stance off the field and his spiritual development that made him the champion he’s globally known to be. Ali was a Capricorn with a slew of inner planets in Aquarius (air sign). His outers were mostly in earth signs. That float like a butterfly, sting like a bee quote wasn’t all just a bunch of words. Ali’s birthchart was built for it.

Be Like: Ali’s sun was in the 6th house, probably the best placement for a boxer who needs regiment and the routines that come with that life. Think of your work-life and how hard (or not) you go into it. What can you do to organize your day a little better? Bring a cup to the office to drink more water, or better yet, bring ingredients to make your own meal. Creating a routine and process you don’t have to think about is key with this sun placement.

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