3 Ways to Connect and Create with Water

Let’s discuss your relationship with water. Neptune is currently in its ruling-sign Pisces, while Mercury is in Cancer, and both believe it or not, will be going retrograde in the coming weeks. This will extend Mercury’s stay in Cancer for a little bit longer, as it finds it way through the sign again when it goes direct. 

So what about water, specifically at it relates to the beginning of summer and the longer days, and when we naturally make ourselves more open to the world.

Let’s prepare for the Neptune and Mercury watery transits by thinking of how we connect with water, particularly how little we think of its power and significance in life. Think about it. Our bodies, like planet Earth, are predominantly made of this element. Yet, for generations now, we abuse and pollute it. Much of what we waste and create ends up in our waters, oceans and streams―and it seems to only be increasing. How do we fulfill ourselves and clean our bodies with it, care for our plants and creatures; plus the depths of it in oceans and how it’s teeming with life.

CHECK THIS OUT: How You Relate to Water Worksheet

Here are three ways to connect with water better. 

  1. The Cancer Way. Keep track of your moods by connecting it with the Moon’s sign. Are you usually energetic when the moon is in Aries or Libra? Or do you feel a little down when it’s waxing? Journal for approximately 7-days, allowing the Moon to transit through two to three signs, and then see how you feel. Also, very important that you drink as much water as possible during this writing project. As you drink, be mindful and thank the water, and use our “How You Relate to Water” worksheet to track the times you connect with water this way. Check out the latest moon placements on astro.com.
  2. Seep Through Like Scorpio. If you own a few plants―or for this bit, we suggest you get one or two―think of how you water it, and how the water travels through the dirt, to the root and allowing it to grow and flourish. The plant doesn’t resist the water; it doesn’t fight the water or suppress it. Think of how your emotions do the same through you, and how when manifesting and creating in life, it’s the not suppressing of joy and love and glee that creates the most magical life.
  3. Go Far and Wide Like Neptune. Make it a habit to visit a body of water at least once a month. When there, tap all your sense to connect with the water: smell, listen for it, try to touch it and imagine the distances that water travels. Where has that body of water been? Where is it going next? And how can it take you with it?



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