The Road to Spirit: Q&A with Crown Emerald, Tarot Reader

She’s the embodiment of stepping into your truth, a spiritualist intent on walking her path. In less than two years since launching her shop and readings, Jai, the magic behind the brand, Crown Emerald, has garnered a strong following and recently launched the Modern Bruja podcast.

A powerhouse spiritualist, indeed. …and the first interview in our “Road to Spirit” interview column.

Fun Fact: When Orbit switched gear to include more astrology over a year ago, Jai was launching her brand, too. So in a serendipitous way, Writing Orbit and Crown Emerald are cousins in this divination game.

We asked her what led her to tarot, what challenges has  she faced and about her tarot style.

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Writing Orbit: When did you start your tarot journey?
Crown Emerald: I started divining with playing cards when I was about 13. I started divining with tarot seriously around four years ago.

WO: Why tarot?
CE: I’ve always had a pull towards tarot, but was too scared to grab a deck. I’m talking at least 10-15 years. I finally grabbed my first deck, after living in my new house a few months. We experienced a lot of spiritual activity here that freaked me out and using tarot helped me figure out what was happening.

WO: What do you suggest others wanting to start this journey do, before embarking on this path?
CE: Tarot is definitely the most popular way to divine, but not the only way. It’s a way to open your intuition and connect you with spirit. Also, not all tarot decks are the same. Choose the one you resonate with the most. The Rider-Waite, and other similar decks, are great ways to start. I wouldn’t choose something too abstract, however, until you learn what each card means. Also, try starting with easier, three-card pulls for simple problem advice outcome or past-present-future. The Celtic cross is not for everyone.

WO: What has been the biggest challenge for you with tarot?
CE: My biggest challenge with tarot is letting my intuition guide me. I’ve gotten better the more I use it. Practice makes perfect. It’s definitely hard at first to make a story out of it. Also, there are different types of readers. If I were to use a spread instead of just asking for spiritual guidance the message does not come across the same. I’m a spiritualist at my core, when some readers are tarot readers and let the cards guide them.

WO: What has been a great lesson learned from doing this work?
CE: The greatest lesson is doing me and staying in my lane. There’s so many ways to read a tarot card and getting out of my head letting spirit lead is the best way I can be of service to others.

WO: Have you ever created your own spread?
CE: I created a Jupiter spread once, but I don’t work well with spreads. It’s mostly just starting by pulling 5 cards and going from there.

For a warm, open and insightful reading, check out Jai and her Crown Emerald shop. Orbit has purchased several of her crystals for our face-to-face events and readings.  


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